Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Girl Behind the Blog

Bethany wrote something a while ago about how people sound different when they write to when they speak, and it struck me just how limited a view my readers have of me. I wanted to tell you a little more about what I'm like in reality.

The girl behind the blog is painfully self-conscious and doesn't like drawing attention to herself. She cares too much about how people perceive her, and worries about displeasing them. She is almost always on edge and doesn't know how to relax her body. Sometimes she thinks it would be quite nice to be invisible.

She is very shy, but doesn't normally come across as shy these days. She loves to meet new people, but finds crowds quite overwhelming because she can't often get a word in edgeways. She sits quietly, listening and feeling like she's part of a conversation, but unable to speak as she worries about cutting across someone else.

Despite these insecurities, she's quite at ease with life and the person she is growing into. She is very adaptable and has good coping mechanisms. She is also extremely determined. She strives to remain positive, even during the darkest times. And she knows that most of the people who know her real self think very highly of her indeed.


Mariel said...

It's nice to know more about you, Kess. Thanks for sharing this with us!.. I think I'll try this sometime. :)

Kess said...

Thanks for your feedback Mariel :) Yes, you should! :)

Anna said...

Hi my sweetest one!
Sorry I've not been around for an age. ( Lot going on at home.)
I adore your new header! That was one of my fave shots from your last album!
Todays post was fantastic ( as ever, Kess)
I don't know if I could be as honest as you to do this.
And as you know. so many of our traits are the same :)
Thank you Kess, for all your faithfulness in reading my blog.
I love and appreciate that very much ( even though I hardly right much these days :)
See, your traits are lovely.
I think very highly of you indeed.

Anna said...

err, that would be * write * lol x

Kess said...

Thank you, my lovely. And thanks for stopping by.

You know I think highly of you, too, treasure.