Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hope for Us Yet

Spud had some exciting news for me last night. He worked out, using an online calculator, that with my salary and his 'potential' salary (if he gets the job he applied for recently) then we can almost certainly get a mortgage and a house of our own. We have always been fairly confident that we would get on the property ladder before we get married, as between us we have saved up a good deposit already, but Spud's research yesterday dispersed most of the remaining doubts and uncertainties. Unless housing prices rise dramatically in the next two years, we shouldn't have a problem.

There is also hope for my novel. My mother gave me some excellent advice the other day. She said that I should send the first chapter and a synopsis to publishers (I was originally going to send the whole thing which would cost a lot of time and money!) If I was to send just a chapter and synopsis then I am nearly ready to do just that. The first ten pages, at least, are completed almost to my satisfaction. I still intend to complete my novel at some point, even if I only receive rejections from publishers, but I might as well get on and give them a preview. Perhaps someone will see potential in it!


Bethany Mason said...

I know you're getting close to being able to send your novel but a word of warning - only send the first few chapters (see publishers/agents websites to find out how many for each) if you're certain the whole book is up to scratch as if they ask for the whole thing you'll want it polished and ready to go. Wishing you luck x

Kess said...

Thanks for the advice Bethany. In that case I may postpone sending the first chapter(s) to publishers as I know my book is definitely not ready to be read all the way through yet! x

Bethany Mason said...

np, just didn't want you to find yourself in a pickle x