Saturday, 14 August 2010

Back to Reality

Well, what with the 420 mile journey to Scotland (and back) followed by a week spent mentoring and managing 28 children aged between 10-13 I'm one tired girl!

Scotland was breathtakingly beautiful. I knew I'd fall in love with it and I did. I want to live there! We stayed right beside Loch Lubnaig, and there were many other lochs in the vicinity for us to visit. We also went to Stirling, Perth and Edinburgh. Even if I don't end up living there in the future I would definitely love to go back. One of my dreams is to visit all the Scottish islands.

After the long journey back Spud and I had 24 hours respite and then we went to Bible camp (which had begun the previous day). We arrived midway through the evening meal and we were welcomed warmly with a huge round of applause. My 4 tent fellows located me after we had eaten. They were Little B, Little G, Little K and Little L and they were the sweetest things. I didn't have to deal with more than a few minor tiffs, which was an improvement on my previous stint as Tent Officer. We also won Tent Inspection! I was so proud of them as last year my tent lost (because my girls spent so long doing their hair and make up!)

Our speaker for the week was excellent (as usual), and in between the talks there were many fun activities to get involved with including a day at an activity centre (more on that another time), a talent show, water games and an obstacle course. Being a Tent Officer is quite a strenuous job, what with the lack of sleep and all the hard work we had to do, but it was definitely worthwhile.

On the last day (yesterday) Little B, Little G, Little K and Little L showered me with gifts which I wasn't expecting at all (last year's girls didn't give me anything). I came away with two bunches of flowers, a teddy bear, a bar of chocolate, a pen, and a new prayer diary with a really sweet message in the front from Little B and Little K. Of course, I gave them all a little something too for being superb campers.

The fortnight gave me a much needed break from the job hunting. Now that I am back it begins again, but the good news is I have another interview the week after next, and also my job seekers allowance has come through so at least I have some income now.


Mariel said...

I'd love to see your Scotland pictures! I think it's a very beautiful country.. Glad you had fun, Kess! :)

Kess said...

Thanks Mariel :) It is indeed. Stay tuned for the photographs! Hope you're okay, dear!