Saturday, 21 August 2010

Another Photo Blog

I was going to put up the photographs from my barn dance at long last but it turns out they're no longer on my camera - I forgot I put them on my camera. So instead I am going to show you the results of the craft activity I held at camp. I can't upload any photographs of my campers due to child protection policies, but I can certainly show you the pegdolls they produced! The barn dance photographs will have to wait.


Sarah Thomas said...

The screaming black one is my favorite!!! So cute, though, they all are!

Anna said...

I love them all too!
My faves are the clown and the geisha.
Very creative kids there Kess!

Kess said...

*Sarah* Thanks. I couldn't pick a favourite, but I think the black screaming peg doll is very imaginative, and certainly unique!

*Anna* They certainly are creative kids! I wasn't expecting such impressive results.



P.S. The clown was mine! Lol