Friday, 30 July 2010

Tying up a few Lose Ends

I know four couples who have got/are getting married this week. One of these is my blogging friend Ashley, who's tying the knot with her fiance Brian on 1st August. So Ashley, I would like to give you my congratulations and my wishes for happiness in advance, as I will be absent from the blogging world from tomorrow onwards (I'll come to that in a minute!) I hope you have the most amazing wedding day, and I hope to see some photographs when I get back!

I've got another two years to wait until my wedding day. Spud and I met with our lovely minister the other day, and got the church all booked. I keep being told that the next two years will fly by, and I'm sure they will, but everything seems a long way off from here! I think getting a job will help as that will be one uncertainty out of the way.

So I will be awol for a fortnight. Spud and I are off tomorrow for a week in Scotland with my family. We originally planned to honeymoon in Scotland as neither of us have been there before, but now that we're going we've decided to honeymoon in Ireland instead (another place neither of us have visited before).

The following week we're going to a Bible camp as Tent Officers. Our mission for the week will be to manage between a dozen and two dozen youngsters, day and night, a task easier said than done. As 'creative' is my middle name, I've organised a craft for the youngsters. I produced a sample yesterday and couldn't resist showing you some photographs.

Can you guess what it's made from? I'll tell you - an old fashioned wooden clothes peg, available from all good craft shops. It took me ages (hopefully the campers won't take the care I took, as the craft session only lasts for an afternoon). I'm very pleased with the result though and it's tempting to produce some more. I have to keep reminding myself that I need to save my materials for the campers!

So I'll see you all in two weeks!


Anna said...

Hello Darling!
I LOVED this post ( and thank you so much for the birthday card ) ( sent you a txt regarding that :)
Your creative talents have worked out a treat.
I loved it.
Aw. Little blue peg....
The setting ( the lovely conch shell behind just set it off perfectly. )
I'm gonna miss you over the next two weeks.
As if I don't already. :(

Kess said...

Thanks sweetpea! You're most welcome!

I'm back now, and your comment really made my day!

Hope you didn't miss me too much. I missed you! I'm just about to pay your blog a visit!