Friday, 16 July 2010

The Shunning

Katie has always struggled with her Amish heritage and never felt akin to her people. With her auburn hair, normally concealed by a plain kapp, she stands out from the others in her Plain community. Following the death of her one and only true love, she agrees to marry the bishop, but a few days before the wedding, she uncovers the secret of her birth, and takes a drastic course of action...

This is an enjoyable and interesting read about identity, and the first in a trilogy. The author, Beverly Lewis, based the book on her own grandmother's parting with her Plain heritage, so the novel was well researched. Lewis was so good at injecting voice and dialect into the narrative, that I could really hear her characters speaking! A definite recommendation!


Anna said...

Ooh I am so gonna order this from play!

Kess said...

Hehe :)

Glad you were persuaded to read it from my review sweetpea :) I think you'll enjoy it.