Monday, 5 July 2010

Moving Day

Well, I'm back at Spud's and tomorrow morning I move into my new accommodation. I'm very tired from all the travelling, but there are several things I need to do before I go to bed. Firstly, I need to write (and print) a letter to the bank to notify them of my change of address. I also want to print my CV to take to my informal interview on Thursday, and I need to fill out an online form to update the address on my driving licence. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I need to do all these things as I don't know when I'll next be online. 

There will be a library just down the road from me, so I will probably be able to use the internet there, although not until I have a library card (something that depends on proof of my new address). There may be various wireless connections in the neighbourhood that I can use. I can also use the internet when I'm at Spud's, and will be online next Tuesday to collect my results. 

I have no intention of giving up the blogging as I enjoy it so much and have met so many lovely people through blogger. My posts will be less frequent, but I hope you will still stick around. I will try and put up some photographs from my party soon, but not tonight. All I can say is watch this space! I'll be back soon!


Mariel said...

Of course I'll stick around! I'll be waiting for your photos. :)

Sarah Thomas said...

Good luck with the move! :-) It'll be tiring, but way worth it! (Like many things in life! Ha!)

Anna said...

I ain't goin nowhere, no siree!