Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Back So Soon?

I bet you weren't expecting to hear from me for a while. Well, it seems that my concerns were needless. No, I don't have an internet connection where I am staying, nor have I acquired a library card yet, although I paid the library a visit yesterday and found it very helpful. I was given a 'light' card which enables me to take out two books and use the internet! As the library is literally across the road from my new home I can pay a visit everyday! Well, apart from Sundays and Mondays when the library is closed. My light card is valid for three months, but once my updated driving licence comes through I can apply for a proper library card.

The move went very well. It took me a while to unload the car and get everything organised to my satisfaction, but I am living quite comfortably now and believe I am going to be quite happy here. My informal interview has been postponed until next week but I've found another job to apply for.

My landlady is lovely. She is quite elderly and very kind. We are getting on well, which is good because all going well I will be living with her for the next two years. The strangest thing is not having Spud around. I mean, I know he is only ten minutes down the road and I will see him this evening, but for the last six weeks we haven't been apart for more than a few hours at a time, and been practically joined at the hip! I said goodbye to him yesterday evening, and it took me a while to adjust! I am cooking dinner for the two of us and I'm really excited about the prospect of this. It's a while since I've had the opportunity to cook. My meals are included in the price of the rent, but my landlady is attending a barbecue tonight.

That's about me up to date. I'm going to return to my job application form now, but will hopefully post again tomorrow!


Anna said...

* Dies insane happy dance round room *Woot, woot, woot!*

I love it all! The library, your landlady, the light card,
Spud ten minutes away.
You, still here.

Anna said...

Err, that would be * does * lol.
I got carried away heh heh.

Bethany Mason said...

Good to hear it's starting to fall into place for you - I'm sure your landlady won't mind you cooking every now and again anyway (especially if she can eat the food, lol). Hoping to read lots more about it now that you know you can use the library internet x