Monday, 7 June 2010

Three Weeks with My Brother

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favourite authors if I'm looking for a light, moving and heart warming read. While his novels (all of which are romance) tend to follow the same narrative structure, they are enjoyable and easy to get into. I've read all of his novels apart from his most recent, The Last Song.

Yesterday I finished reading his only non fictional work; his memoir, Three Weeks with My Brother, and I must admit, I think I enjoyed it even more than his fictional works. Three Weeks with My Brother follows Nicholas and his brother Micah, as they spend three weeks on a once in a lifetime around the world trip. However, consistent flashbacks follow the brothers from birth to the present. Early into adulthood, Nicholas and Micah were caught in a series of personal tragedies which served only to drive the brothers closer. The book is a tribute to their bond. It is entertaining and deeply moving, and has the potential to make you laugh and cry. 

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