Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Roll on Thunder

It was stiflingly humid today, not that I'm complaining because I adore the sunshine and the opportunity it provides to wear short sleeves. However, I do feel the time has come where we need a thunder storm to clear the air. Just an overnight one so that the sunshine can commence the following day. 

I love thunder storms, especially at night. I like the way that first, faint peal of thunder reaches into my dreams and lifts me to the surface of consciousness, and that first flash of lightning illuminates the room just for a split second, as though someone flicked the light switch on then off. I love curling up beneath the covers and peeking through the curtains, shivering with delight as the first drops of rain begin to fall in the street below under the cover of darkness. There's nothing like listening to the rain fall from the comfort of your bed. As the thunder increases in volume I find myself inevitably jumping with each rumble, but what I feel is not fear, but joy. I wait until it has passed overhead; until the lightning is no longer so intense, and the thunder peals faintly again from distant hills. Only then do I settle down and try to sleep again. 

The last time I witnessed a storm like this was on the eve of my school prom. My youngest brother was afraid and couldn't sleep so I sat with him and comforted him. That was five years ago. 

Oh, let there be another storm like that soon!


Mariel said...

I love storms too! The rain makes me happy. We're actually experiencing the rainy season right now so I'm almost always in a good mood.

I really love the way you write, Kess. It's impressive. :)

Bethany Mason said...

I absolutely love storms. Apparantly it rained here this morning but Chris and I slept through it. Today has been a mix of humid, sunny and windy - it's hard to tell what the weather is doing.

Anna said...

When I was little ( a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away) ;)
I used to think the sound of thunder was God moving
the furniture around in Heaven.
What a funny little bird I was.

Sarah Thomas said...

Oh, yes please! I LOVE thunderstorms. Especially at night, but any time of the day will do. Storm clouds have been gathering above my house for at least an hour now. I'm ready for them to unleash some wonderful thunder and lightning! Right now they're only teasing me. Hah. :-)

Sarah said...

I love storms! We just got a wicked awesome one here the other day. Perhaps we need to start a fan club here...."The Thunderstorm Lovers Society"! Haha. I loved reading this, Kess...it was truly a beautiful way to visualize a storm :-)

Kess said...

*Mariel* We are so alike in that way! :) Thanks for your compliment about my writing. You don't know how much that means to me :D

*Bethany* Yes, it does seem to be rather predictable at the moment and certainly very hot! I like most types of weather but normally long for a change if a particular spell lasts too long

*Anna* Aw, I'm sure it wasn't all that long ago! Lol. I can see exactly why you thought that. I love children's perceptions of life :)



*Sarah T* Yes, it's the same here today. Well, it's been somewhat overcast but still very hot. I'm not sure the heavens are ready to open yet, but they might well be brewing for all I know! Lovely to hear from another storm fan! :)

*Sarah* I think you're on to something there! I was so surprised to hear from so many people. I'm not sure I've ever gotten 5 comments in one go before - I nearly fell off my chair in surprise! Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this - that's a real compliment to my writing.