Wednesday, 30 June 2010


As some of you know my act of outrageousness for next month is to send a postcard everyday. I went out yesterday and bought two packs of postcards so that should cover the 31 days of July. Some of you have already 'signed up' for one of my postcards. If you are interested in receiving one then there's still time. Just email your address to 

You might remember my pledge for this month's act of outrageousness was to read a book from a genre I would not normally read. I decided to read some non fiction and chose The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford at Spud's recommendation. I read the book cover to cover, but what I actually took in would barely fill a chapter! I think that gives you some idea of how I got on with it. I found the book mind-numbingly boring slightly tedious, even though it was supposedly one of the more accessible books about economy. The trouble with me is that I will often switch off when I am reading facts and figures, and I think that's what consistently happened when I was reading The Undercover Economist. So I probably won't attempt any more books about economy. 

Just to bring you up to date, I am returning home tomorrow as my parents are throwing me a leaving party on Saturday! The party is a Ceilidh (like a barn dance) and I chose it because I attended one before and had so much fun. It also reminded me of the balls in Jane Austen's wonderful novels, and I felt a Ceilidh was the contemporary equivalent. 

This will be my last trip home before my youngest brother moves into my bedroom, so I will spend most of my time packing everything up. I am also, as you know, moving into my own accommodation next Tuesday. 

And, to bring you up to date on the job front, I have an informal interview on Thursday with a contact I acquired at the job fair. I also received a new voicemail message yesterday about another job (the one recommended to me by my interviewer last week when I didn't get the job). I returned the call and my application form has now gone through for that too. So everything's moving on fairly quickly. 

Oh, and on a final note, it's been nice to hear from so many thunder and lightning fans! Lol


Bethany Mason said...

Wow, everything seems to be moving so quick for you. I hope you have lots of fun at your Ceilidh (have to admit I've never heard of one of those before). As for reading a factual book, perhaps next time (if you want to try again) you should choose a subject that interests you? Hope you are well and that you get your thunderstorm soon x

Kess said...

Hi Bethany! Thank you. Yes, everything is moving so quickly! It's all rather surreal at the moment. Yes, that's probably a good idea to choose a more interesting subject next time now! Speak to you soon! xxxx

Anonymous said...


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