Thursday, 17 June 2010

On the Go

My earliest readers will remember me announcing the completion of the first draft of my novel. Sadly, I haven't had much chance to read over the draft since, and over the last few months my enthusiasm has waned alarmingly. I was expecting to have to do a complete rewrite. However, when I turned to my work yesterday I was pleasantly surprised. I read through my work with a fresh mindset and was completely absorbed by the plot and characters. I was also pleased with my quality of writing which I was expecting to be disappointed by. I was particularly impressed by the second and third parts which I feel require hardly any work at all. Only the first part needs a serious rewrite. 

Strangely, reading through my work encouraged me and enabled me to summon back my enthusiasm. I've managed to break through my writer's block at last, and now my project is on the go again. I'm so excited!


Anna said...

Ooh I want to be your proof reader now.

Bethany Mason said...

Congrats. I was wondering if, when you feel you're ready, would like me to read over it and give feedback? (and you can do the same for me when I actually finish a novel)

Kess said...

Thanks both of you! I may well take you up on your offers! xxxx