Monday, 28 June 2010

Men: I cannot Fathom!

'Do you even know what that [PMS] means?'
Jonah pushed his glasses up. 'I'm not a little kid anymore. It means pissed-at-men syndrome.'

From The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

This quote made me laugh today as I'm feeling a little frustrated with Spud. A strong part of me doesn't want to write this as I don't want anyone to assume we are having any major 'issues' (we're not). I'm just feeling fed up because he spent all day with our car. I mean, how long does it take to wash a car? Okay, given, washing was just part of the procedure, but do you want to know how long the whole thing took? Six hours! And then he went off to the supermarket. So the bitch in me is feeling pretty jealous. And maybe I'm being completely unreasonable, as I know I could have joined him outside or even accompanied him to the supermarket. Instead I stayed indoors and read, which was fine. I would've read outside but there is nowhere to sit. 

I think perhaps the tension stems from the fact that I am camped out in his room and living in a suitcase. There is no room for me, let alone my belongings, in his room because it's such a tip. I miss having my own room, my own space, My girl friends are three hundred miles away so I can't go and have a coffee with them and vent my emotions to them. And I don't have any phone signal. Everything is so different here!

All I can say is thank goodness I'm moving to my own place soon! Don't get me wrong, things are great. I'm just fed up with my current situation, and sometimes some small thing Spud does is the last straw and I feel like taking things out on him. Does that make sense? I'm also approaching that time of the month, if you get my drift...

Thanks for listening. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my old upbeat self. 


Anna said...

Aw Kess!
Welcome to the world of the married!
Now listen cupcake.
In this last few months your life has seen incredible changes.
You graduated, you left a job you loved,
and you moved hundred of miles from your family.
Now you are living in cramped conditions,
and as you say, out of a suitcase.
For Spud,
nothing has changed, really.
He still does all the things he did any other day!
Men. Grr.
We are lucky in that our house has enough rooms
where we can all own space.
Thank goodness, or there would be murder, I swear. LOL.
Things will be easier when you get your own space
Not long now.
Chin up pet.
Love you.

Kess said...

Thanks for being so understanding, darling. You always are!
You've got the situation in a nutshell! I feel a bit more normal now!
And thanks for your reassurance. You are such a good listener. What would I do without you?
Thank you for stopping by. I know you always do, and I want you to know it means so much to me.
You are a true friend, Anna.
Love you too.



Bethany Mason said...

I totally understand how you feel as I get it often with Chris as well. I know I'm not really mad at him but the little things add up and with the heat it gets worse. I'm sure you'll be fine and remember that if you do feel yourself get angry, take a little time to calm down as this can make a huge difference.

Kess said...

Thanks for the advice Bethany. That's exactly what I did, and I felt a lot better. I'm glad you can relate to the problem too and that it's not just me!

Mariel said...

Kess, I actually think that your story is cute. And you don't have to worry about a thing because what you're experiencing is totally normal. :)

Kess said...

Aw, thanks Mariel! :) That's very reassuring indeed!