Monday, 21 June 2010

A Birthday

Today Spud's youngest brother, known here as Little One, turned 3. His main present was a big cardboard box of assorted Brio. For those of you who don't know, Brio consists of wooden track and trains, although there are all sorts of accessories these days. Little One's box contained three different kinds of bridges, two level crossings, a station, a fire station and a motorised train, as well as the usual push-along trains, trucks and carriages, and of course, plenty of track! So Spud and I spent an hour or so helping Little One set up the track. As both of us played with Brio when we were young, it was a great opportunity for us to reminisce. 

I can't believe Little One is 3 now. I've known him since he was a tiny baby, as Spud and I started going out six weeks after Little One's birth. Because Spud and I have led a long distance relationship until now, I often wouldn't see Little One for months at a time, so the changes in him were quite striking! Once Spud and I went away on holiday for a week. When we left, Little One couldn't walk, and when we arrived back he could! Just by watching Little One develop and grow, I can see how quickly time is passing. After the summer holidays he will start nursery, and in just over a year he will begin at school. 

Spud and I aren't getting married for another two years, but from witnessing Little One's developments over the last three years I realise how quickly August 2012 is going to come around!


Anna said...

Aw! My boys loved Brio too.
Actually we still have a whole train set, still.
* Walks down memory lane and smiles*
Thanks Kess.
Love you for this post.

Kess said...

You're welcome darling :)

Brio was really great stuff. I'm glad its popularity has continued to the next generation.