Saturday, 1 May 2010

Running in the Rain

As some of you will know, I will be running my first ever half-marathon tomorrow. I am feeling pretty confident because I have got up to over 12 miles in my training. The run itself is 13.1 miles so if I can run 12, I am sure I can run the final 1.1 mile. I am just about to go for a short run in preparation for tomorrow. 

For the last week I've been consciously adapting my diet, and really going overboard on the carbs. This is called carb loading, and apparently something lots of runners do during the week leading up to a running event. I've been starting each day with a bowl of porridge, and then eating heaps of pasta or rice for lunch. My father is cooking my favourite beef stew for tonight's meal, which we will eat with a mountain of mash potato. So I should be all set. The weather isn't looking too good, but I have no complaints as running in the rain is preferable to running in the heat. If we encounter one or two showers along the way then they will, no doubt, cool us down. 

Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Good luck on your run tomorrow! I remember having to do lots of carb loading when I swam all througout middle and high school. Make sure you balance it out afterwards with plenty of fruit and veggies!

Mariel said...

I'm so excited for you, Kess! I wish I could do that too.. Good luck! :)

Ashley said...

Good grace in your run tomorrow! Thirteen miles--way to go!

Kess said...

*Sarah* Thanks for the advice! I will make sure I do! :) That won't be too much of a chore as I love my fruit and veggies! Lol

*Mariel* Thank you! :) Two years ago I never imagined I'd someday be doing a half-marathon! Lol

*Ashley* Thanks! I'll try and give you some coverage of the run - or let you all know that I'm still alive at the very least! Lol

Bethany Mason said...

Good luck with the run, is it for anything in specific, or just a chance to get fit and prove you can do it? (either is good, I'm just curious)

Anna said...

Good luck, my precious darling...
You eat so healthily, and I admire that,
as I don't lol.
I will be thinking of you sweetie, every step you take.
And, I demand video evidence lol.

Kess said...

*Bethany* Thanks hun :) It was for my local half-marathon. I participated along with 2,600 others.

*Anna* Thank you sweetpea :) I don't always eat healthily. No video footage I'm afraid, but photos to come!