Sunday, 23 May 2010

Practising for Parenthood

Spud's parents went away on a well deserved break for a couple of nights, so Spud and I were the responsible adults in their place. This wasn't too strenuous a role. All we had to do was ensure there was a meal on the table each night, and look after Spud's youngest brother, known here as Little One. Little One is not quite three, and insists upon being independent, although this is not always very practical! He does not always understand that he is too little to do some things. 

Little One is so photogenic!

He doesn't like to sit still to have his picture taken though!

Do we look like we could be a young family?

Little One looks on in wonder!

The red squirrels were my favourite feature of the conservation area we visited yesterday. 

I like the shadow on the swan's back. 

Some of the conservation area's residents:

Spud taught me how to take some artistic shots on my new camera. His attempt (below). 

And mine:

The last few days have been so warm and sunny. Summer seems to have arrived at last!

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Anna said...

What a cutie little one is!
The photos are really lovely Kess.
What a sunny and happy start to your new life!