Monday, 3 May 2010

May Day, My Day

After the busy and exciting weekend I've been treating today as my day off. I woke early and, as sleep evaded me, I watched 'Shakespeare in Love' from the comfort of my bed (I have recently acquired a TV with a built in VCR that my grandparents no longer had a use for - I don't watch TV but the VCR means I can watch some of my videos!). I have also rediscovered patchworking (if that is even a term). Years ago, I began stitching a hexagonal patchwork quilt, but it was a hobby I gave up, due to lack of time. One of my 30 before 30 goals is to make a patchwork quilt for my marriage bed, and the other day I uncovered the project so far. I don't think I've worked on it for about 3 years, but I promptly began to work on it again, my interest renewed. I'm not sure that it will be complete before Spud and I get married, but I'm pleased with the results so far: 

My quilt is currently in two parts which I intend to sew together. The second part has more of a pattern to it: 

I was going to go for a short walk with my parents; just as far as the bottom of the field where some people built scarecrows yesterday afternoon. We could see them from my parents' bedroom window, but they had disappeared by lunchtime!


Anna said...

wow that is really lovely!
Did you sew it all by hand?
And as for the disappearing scarecrows...
* Cue twilight zone music*
Happy May~My day darling

Mariel said...

Wow! I don't think I have the patience to create something like that. It's looking good! :)

Kess said...

*Anna* Yes, I did sew it all by hand - although the pictures are only of what I did previously, rather than my recent work.

I have no idea where those scarecrows went. It was a shame. I was planning on taking a picture and using it as my new header!
Happy May day to you, too, my lovely! :)



*Mariel* It's amazing how quickly it grows! I think it's something I'll go through phases of working on, so it'll probably take a while to complete! Lol

Bethany Mason said...

Love the pics of your quilt - am really jealous as I can't sew or knit (but I can cross-stitch and make cards so I guess we're even). Good luck with continuing it.

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany :) I'm not sure how long the quilting phase will last! Lol. I'd love to complete it though!

Mariel said...

I'm sure you'll finish it in time! ;)

Kess said...

Thanks for believing in me Mariel! :)