Sunday, 9 May 2010

The May Ball

Last night I attended the annual May Ball with a group of friends from university. We spent almost the whole day getting ourselves ready, but it was worth it; we all looked stunning! There was just enough time to pose for a few photographs before our taxi arrived:

My fellow creative writers and I

My hostesses (they put up with me up for the night!)

We were the first guests to arrive! Lol. The marquee looked amazing!

The entertainment was first class!

There was a bit of waiting around to begin with, before the party got under way, but there was a chocolate fountain and candy floss to keep us entertained!

It was very cold. The dancing helped us to warm up!

There were plenty of photo opportunities throughout the night:

By midnight none of us were drunk and we were all dying for a cup of tea! We were able to purchase our desired beverage from one of the catering trucks. 

By one-thirty we were ready to retire and caught the taxi back, although it was another hour or so before we hit the hay. We changed into our pyjamas and talked over one last cup of tea. It was an excellent night!

(All of the photographs are mine apart from 7, 9 & 10, which are Alice's; 16, which is Kelly's; and 18 & 19, which are Nick's).


Ashley said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went, and that you had fun! You and your friends look great!

Kess said...

Thanks Ashley! :) We had an amazing time. I'm so glad I went too! :)

Bethany Mason said...

Sounds like an amazing night - and candyfloss? That is just too awesome! You all look so great and love the smiles to match the outfits :)

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany. I wasn't expecting the candy floss at all! Haven't had it in years! :) I am really glad I sampled what is very much the event of the year!

Anna said...

Aw Kess,
you all look fantastic!
Your dress is stunning! Does it have sparkles on it?
Glad you had a fantastic night.

Mariel said...

Cool! It's a good thing you went!.. I'm glad you and your friends had fun. :D

Kess said...

*Anna* Hi Anna! Yes, the dress has gold sparkles. It's quite formal so I enjoyed having the opportunity to wear it again. Thank you, sweetpea. AML, Kess xxxx

*Mariel* Thank you :) Yes, we did! A good night out all round! :)