Friday, 28 May 2010

Living in a Suitcase

The novelty of living in a suitcase wears off quickly. At least, it does for me. I like my belongings to be tidy, organised and accessible, and when you're rummaging through a suitcase every time you need something, they don't stay that way for long. Also, not everything fits in a suitcase, so you inevitably leave something behind that you'll need at some point. Things also get misplaced, and you end up tipping your suitcase upside down in order to find that object lodged right at the bottom the whole time. There's barely space in Spud's room for my suitcase, not because he has an especially small room, but because it's very untidy. The only floor I can see is about half a metre by the door! Apparently this is a norm with men. 

I've got five more weeks of living in a suitcase. I will be going home twice during that time, but even when I'm home I will be living in a suitcase because I won't be there long enough to unpack and put my belongings away. I love being here with Spud, but when I move into my own accommodation in July I will appreciate the advantages of having my own space. I am also looking forward to spending more time with him, although hopefully this will begin later this afternoon. 

Spud hands in his work today. We haven't spent that much time together this week because he's been so busy working towards the deadline, and when he's been physically present he's been concentrating so hard on his work and spending hours on end on the computer. I helped him a bit last night by proof-reading two of his assignments, forty pages in all. He found out the other day that he hadn't got onto the PGCE course he applied for, so at least once this assignment is over he won't have to study any more. Studying is not a strong point of his. Neither is writing assignments. 

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