Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Growing Up

I feel like I truly found myself today... Today was a warm and sunny day... Sometimes, in sunny weather everything looks beautiful and I sang my heart out this morning... Mum decided we'd go out for a family walk after church as we haven't in a long while. At first I wasn't going to go... I was aware of my family getting ready around me and something inside of me compelled me to go. Something inside of me said 'Just get out of here!' So I seized the moment... and told my family I was coming after all...

At my suggestion we went to [the common]... It is such a scenic and atmospheric place. We walked along together, crossing soft marshy ground and springing over patches of mud and puddles. My brothers were irritating me slightly, and suddenly I yearned for solitude, just a few minutes of peace so that I could enjoy the landscape in a meditative silence rather than listening to them go on about completely irrelevant topics... With a sudden burst of energy I broke away from my family and for two minutes ran across the path. I'm not a good runner (in fact, I hated cross country at school) but I love running for short bursts. Today I was a streak of red upon the brown and green common, the wind blowing my long hair and my bag jostling rhythmically against my leg. When I slowed to a walking pace, my family were out of sight. I walked alone in the blissful silence for five minutes or so before waiting for them to catch up. The whole act seemed symbolic and I'd almost say... that in that moment I grew up. It just happened. I suddenly realised, here I am, eighteen years old. I'm an adult. I am unique. And people love me for who I am...

From my diary - Sunday 11th March 2007. It just seemed relevant to my current circumstances. 


Anna said...

Hurry back poppet I miss you already!

Kess said...

I am here, alive and well, and just about to post! Lol