Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Great Careers Advisor in the Sky

Prepare yourselves for a bit of a rant. You have been warned (lol)...

For the last three years I've dreaded that inevitable question: What do you want to do (when you grow up)? It is a question that people ask more and more consistently, the nearer you get towards the end of studenthood. Unfortunately, I am now grown up and still don't know what I want to do, apart from write, and very few writers earn enough to make writing a livelihood. I haven't known for the last three years when I realised I didn't want to be a teacher any more. 

Having no direction has always filled me with moments of panic, and now that I've completed my degree I've never felt more unqualified in my life! I'm applying for various jobs at the moment and the advertisements are filled with requests for NVQs I don't have, previous experience I don't have... Picky or what? I mean, I'm fresh out of university, fifteen grand in debt, and I'm now saving up for a wedding and a house. I don't have the time or money to faff around, filling a voluntary position and working my way up from there. In July I will need to start paying for my own food and accommodation, and my savings will dwindle from there if I don't have a job under my belt. 

I'm applying for my ninth job and so far haven't even been short-listed. Okay, I probably sound more panicked than I really am. I am actually fairly chilled out now, but I do think about the future a lot, and it would be nice to start getting somewhere, sometime soon. The last few jobs I've applied for have been quite varied (while the first few were all in the care line). I've applied for an admin post, a clerical assistant post, and lastly, (don't laugh) a caretaker job! I'm up for trying something new, and maybe I'll find out what I'm meant to do if I apply for a variety. 

All I can do is keep applying, keep hoping and praying, and trust that God will find the right job for me at the right time. He is, after all, the great careers advisor in the sky, amongst many other things of course!


Bethany Mason said...

I can totally relate to this post and, although I'm a year behind you, I am beginning to panic. I do know what I want to do (be a librarian and writ) but due to my M.E. I'll probably have to work part-time and actually finding that particular job is hard as places seem to be filled almost immediately. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you find something you love soon.

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany. I don't know if this will encourage you but I've seen several advertisements for part time librarians during my search, but unfortunately they're not well paid at all!

Anna said...

Just catching up with your posts.
I've had NO time to write this week and it's
driving me nuts!
Kess, can you email me your new address?
So I can still keep in touch via the written word?
I loved these last two posts.

Kess said...

I'm on to it! :) I'm at Spud's at the moment but will be moving to my own accommodation in July.

Glad you enjoyed the posts, my love :)