Thursday, 27 May 2010

Comfort and Joy

I was thinking about the things that comfort me just now, and decided that it would make a good subject for a post. As Spud is still up, I thought I would make up for lost time and post again before I go to bed. Obviously, I don't know for certain whether I will still have an internet connection when I wake up. So I'd better post now. 

Tea is my biggest comfort, although it has to be a good cup of tea! Another comfort for me in the food line is smooth strawberry yoghurt, although that is something I've only rediscovered recently. I will sometimes get really strong cravings for it, and I think if you gave me the choice between chocolate and strawberry yoghurt, I would opt for the latter on most occasions. Well, I suppose it depends on the chocolate bar on offer ;)

I also derive comfort from wearing my pyjamas, particularly my favourite fleecy pair, but I find wearing my dressing gown over my clothing can produce the same effect. I hate feeling cold, and so wearing my dressing gown is an effective method of warming up without even turning the heat on! If that fails, then the next step is to curl up under the duvet. 

I also find prayer such a comfort and I have found recently that it can be a good cure for resentfulness and bitterness, feelings which often take root in our hearts and cannot be shaken off all that easily. Recently I have felt very bitter towards someone due to a slight of theirs towards me. The person is not close to me, but I still feel hurt and confused, and often very bitter and resentful towards them. I'm afraid I cannot be any more specific than that. So I have taken it upon myself to pray for them every time those feelings of bitterness take root. I pray for God's blessing to be upon that person and that he will cleanse me of my bitterness, and I always come out of prayer feeling more positive about the situation. 

I also find that prayer can help with minor things too. Like today, for example, I felt rather cross with Spud over a choice he made without consulting me, and on later reflection, realised how petty my irritation had been over a very little 'crime'. All I'll say is that it concerned his choice of evening meal which, without going into the specifics, excluded me. It's funny how PMT can blow even the smallest things out of proportion! I was a little off with him as he was leaving for Boy's Brigade, and felt bad once he'd gone so I prayed about it, and felt better afterwards. Guess you could call it spiritual 'venting'. God is a very patient and sympathetic listener. Spud must have felt rather remorseful afterwards as he more than made up for it by preparing me a very special supper! :-)

And now, before I hit the hay, I have a question for you: What brings you comfort and joy?


Mariel said...

That's an easy question. The thing that brings me so much comfort and joy (aside from Tobi, of course) is chocolate. I love chocolate so much. I cannot last a day without it. lol.

Interesting post, Kess. I enjoyed reading it. :D

Bethany Mason said...

I loved this post so much - I decided to do a whole post on my comforts and joys inspired by this so thank you for the inspiration x

Kess said...

*Mariel* I love chocolate too! I would've put it as one of my comforts but at the moment I'm going through a strawberry yoghurt phase! Lol. Of course, Spud is my comfort too!

*Bethany* I'm glad the post inspired you hun! I'm now going to go and read about your comforts and joys! x

Anna said...

You bring me comfort, and joy.
And I love you for that.

Kess said...

Aw, you have touched my heart, sweetheart :) You bring me comfort and joy too.