Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I am mostly excited about the prospect of the 'big move', but there are moments when my emotions catch me completely off guard. Yesterday, for example, I was sitting in the living room with my mother, working on my patchwork while she worked on a job application form. We chatted for a while, before lapsing into a comfortable silence, and during that silence my heart grew so heavy it was virtually resting in my lap with my patchwork. It was only a brief spell, and I had brightened up within a few minutes. I'm just beginning to realise how much I'm going to miss my family, friends and colleagues.

Yesterday evening I watched a movie my grandmother passed on to me called 'Christy'. The film begins with the heroine, Christy, leaving behind her home town and loving parents for the first time. Her voice-over really captured my mood and mixed feelings, and I felt so able to identify with Christy, who begins a new life in the mountains, teaching the poor children in the mission school. I was completely blown away by the film, and have since ordered the book it was based on, by Catherine Marshall. 

I am sure I will adapt to my new life before long, especially once I find a job, and have settled into my new routine. The first few weeks will function as a transition period anyway, because I won't be moving into my new accommodation until July, and I will see my family twice before then anyway. And of course, Spud will be there to support me, which is a real comfort. Everything seems to be moving so quickly now. Today I handed in my final two assignments. Then, about an hour ago, my colleague rang and we arranged my last few work shifts. On Thursday I will attend my final lecture. But amongst all these 'lasts' are myriad 'firsts': our first car, my first ball (on Saturday), my first 'proper' job, my first (and potentially last) graduation... This is an exciting time!


Anna said...

Aw sweetie ...
life is full of firsts and lasts,
and you have so much in front of you!
Embace with all the love and happiness you can Kess.
You will be fine, darling.
And you have my mobile number.

Kess said...

Thanks petal :) I know, I know :)

I'm lucky having so many people that care about me! :)