Friday, 9 April 2010

#9 Where is God?

Firstly, I would like to apologise because this is tomorrow's post. I wrote an entirely different post earlier today which, for reasons I cannot disclose in detail, I was forced to delete. Basically, it was a Feature Friday post, but the person featured did not appreciate the spotlight, although they recognised the kindness in the gesture. Anyway, here is today's post, and my first BookSneeze assignment. If you don't remember me mentioning BookSneeze, you can read about it here

Where is God?

'In a way, doubt is what this entire book is about. It shows up in the title. Where is God in my tough circumstance, when nothing makes sense? Some people, however, worry that their doubt is a sign that they have no faith. If they are fully confident that God will take care of things, they feel they aren't doing right by God. The reality, though, is that doubt is not the absence of faith. It is a part of faith.'

In Where is God? psychologist Dr. John Townsend draws from Biblical examples and personal experience to tackle the challenging issue of suffering. Townsend demonstrates how we can seek God even in the toughest circumstances. We have all experienced times in life when God seems to be silent and elusive. I read Townsend's book alongside Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress and Young's The Shack, and all three books seemed to be intricately linked. I found Where is God? to be deeply reassuring, and inspirational. It isn't a book that promises answers, but it encourages each of us in our personal relationship with God. It is a book I would definitely recommend!

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Anna said...

Fantastic Kess your first review!
I feel really guilty as I sent you the link
and I haven't got round to sending for a book yet!
( My life is way busier than I would like it to be)
Oh the guilt the guilt!
I actually read your earlier post which was fantastic too,
and I popped over to see ( he who has gone all shy :)....He has such a lovely face and smile!
I've warmed to him already.
( Shhh you still have first place in my heart tho, always)

Anna said...

he is really funny!

Kess said...

Aw, thanks sweetie :) I'll pass that on to him - I'm sure he will appreciate that. I know Ashley read my original post too, and left a really lovely comment. I was very reluctant to delete the post but there is a particular person who sometimes haunts my blog whom he doesn't want to get wind of what he does! I can't be any more clearer than that! Lol

I had the book for about two months before posting the review, simply because I haven't had time to read it! It was perfect timing though because another book has just become available on BookSneeze that I really want to read. I've posted my review, and now there's a copy with my name on it! :)

Happy weekend darling!