Thursday, 8 April 2010

#8 Standing My Ground

Last night we ordered in pizza. The house was swarming with boys as Matt had invited some friends over. As responsible adult and lady of the house, I was put in charge of ordering which we did online. The bill came to nearly £70 but we had two for one vouchers which would knock at least £20 off the total. There was no code to enter, but it said on the vouchers to hand them over when the pizzas arrived. 

I waited for the pizzas with a real sense of foreboding. The price troubled me because even with the offer it was still pretty high for what we'd ordered. When the pizza delivery guy showed up I waved the vouchers at him and he looked puzzled. 

'Didn't you enter the code online?' He asked. 

I tried to explain that there hadn't been a code on the vouchers; that it said just to hand them over with the money. 

'I'll need to phone head office,' he said. 

'Sorry to cause you so much trouble,' I said, humbly. 

'That's okay,' he said, kindly. 'It's no problem.' Obviously this had happened before and he was used to it. 

A minute or two passed, and then he approached me with the phone. 'They want to speak to you,' he said. 

I took the phone from him with some trepidation, and was confronted with a voice dripping with impatience. I was told that there was nothing they could do about it and we would just have to pay full price. 

'Well then,' I returned, 'we can't afford it then. We haven't got enough money.' I confess, it was a white-lie. With the money Matt's friends had contributed, we could just run to it, but there was no way I was going to pay that amount. There was no way I was going to let the company rip us off like that. Expecting an argument with the man on the phone, I psyched myself up to stand my ground, reminding myself that the worst they could do was take the pizzas back. At this point in the anecdote, I think it's important you know that I really am no good at standing up for myself!

To my surprise, I received a complete change of tune. 'Let me put you through to someone else.'

The next person told me that there was an offer, that we'd somehow missed, which entitled us to 50% off if we ordered online. He said it would cause him a lot of trouble, but he would put our order through under that offer, thus bringing the price down to £34.50. He hung up abruptly, before I could even return the phone to the pizza delivery guy. We paid up and I wondered if I should tip the pizza delivery guy, who had been nothing but patient and understanding. I think I initially, but wrongfully, attributed my success to him. I didn't tip him, but kept thanking him and apologising for the confusion. 

'Don't worry about it,' he said. 'Have a good night.'

'Nice one, Kess!' Matt said, carrying the pile of pizza boxes into the kitchen. 'Because of you, we paid even less than we expected to!' His friends looked impressed. 

'It was probably because I'm a girl,' I shrugged. It was then that I realised the victory was truly mine. I stood my ground and prevented the pizza company from ripping us off. 

As our order was half price, I was able to return Matt's friends half the money they had given, but Matt was the one to take it off my hands. Apparently it was their contribution towards the beer so I was right in giving the change to Matt. 


Bethany Mason said...

Wow, impressive story - I am so proud of you as I know how hard it must have been (I have the same problem, especially if I'm on a phone) so congratulations hun x

Kess said...

Thanks sweetie. It was definitely a personal triumph. I'm still surprised at how well I handled the situation! x

Anna said...

Well done,
my little one!
( You should have kept the change. For bravery lol)

Kess said...

Thanks pumpkin :) Yeah, I should've done. I was braver than they were! Lol.



Ashley said...

Woo hoo! Stand your ground! I'm proud of you!

Kess said...

Thanks Ashley :) I'm proud of myself too!