Wednesday, 7 April 2010

#7 Holding the Fort

I am currently training for motherhood, or at least the advanced stages of motherhood (i.e. when the kids talk back, go to bed later than you do, and are really too old to be referred to as kids! Lol). My parents went away yesterday for a well deserved break, leaving me as the responsible adult to keep my two younger brothers in check. My duties are:

* To nag encourage Matt to take his drugs (which keep his Crohns disease under control)

* To ensure both boys eat

* To ensure Fudge (our guinea pig) is fed

* To feed the neighbour's cats (this only applies to yesterday evening)

Hardly an extensive list! And my youngest brother David took charge of Fudge, and Charlie and Crunchy (the cats). In fact, David has been nothing but helpful, so I would like to give him a little shout. He tackled two lots of washing up yesterday without even being asked. He even made me a cup of tea! Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised, but up until a month ago his attitude was more like Matt's (and Spud's), i.e. get away with doing as little work as possible! So, thank you David for all your help! 

As much as I miss my parents, I am quite enjoying the space and independence. It is an opportunity to prepare for June when I fly the nest for the first time. If I can successfully care for my two brothers, then I am sure I can look after myself. Last night I cooked a meal for the first time in a while. I cooked steak and chips for David (Matt was at a friend's house for a poker night), and used up some leftovers in a stir-fry for myself. 

This isn't our first time home alone as mum and dad went away for a couple of nights the Easter before last. Here is a photo of the three of us from back then:

(By the way, that is my natural hair colour - this photograph was taken prior to my hair dying days!)


Mariel said...

I have the same responsibilities as you because I'm the eldest. It feels good to do stuff like that but it becomes tiring after a while. lol.

Anna said...

Heh heh.
Great post Kess, gotta agree with Mariel tho..
the novelty wears off very soon!
Get Spud knocked into shape lol.
Housework should be team work!
I am smiling at your bro on your right with his earphones in =)
typical man ( never listens lol)

Kess said...

*Mariel* Yes, no doubt the novelty will wear off eventually. Thankfully I'm only the responsible adult for 48 hours this time! Lol

*Anna* Don't you worry, I've got Spud sussed, and I certainly make sure he does his share of work! ;)

We're ordering pizza tonight - yippee! :)



Anna said...

That's ma gal!
You go girl!
I love ordering in!