Saturday, 3 April 2010

#3 Chained to My Desk

For the next three weeks I will be chained to my desk (metaphorically, that is) in order to get my dissertation done. although I'm possibly going out for a run this afternoon (possibly not, judging by the weather!) I realised yesterday that after this short period of time, the worst of the pressure will be over. After the holidays I have just two weeks of lectures, followed by one exam and one assignment deadline. And then I will be free! 

My freedom is just six weeks away: so close, yet so much work away, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic at the moment. I know I can get this done. I just wish I'd ignored some of my dissertation tutor's guidance. I was basically told to concentrate on research for the first semester, and then write it during the second semester, thus leaving it all until last minute. This is not the way I work. I would have preferred to have written a little at a time, and spread both the research and the writing across both semesters. By the Easter holidays (i.e. now) I wanted to be at the editing stage, but I've only written just over half of it. 

So here's a word of advice for anyone who will be writing a dissertation in the near future: Listen to your supervisor, but don't be afraid to take your own approach if their advice diverges from your best mode of study. 

Anyway, I'd better get on with my work. Happy Saturday!

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