Sunday, 25 April 2010

#25 Reprieve

Reprieve. Don't you think that's a delicious word?

There are countless things I could have done today. I could have edited my dissertation. I could have worked on my poetry coursework. I could have filled out more job application forms. I could have started looking through my library books, marking out relevant pages for photocopying. At the very least I could have started sorting through my belongings. 

But I didn't do any of that. 

Instead I stayed in bed until midday, reading a book aimed at girls half my age (I am a disgrace to all English literature students!) and getting up only to make another cup of tea. The only really productive thing I've done today is go for my last 'proper' run before the half-marathon next Sunday. 

Today's been... beneficial. I was so tired last night, I was falling asleep on the phone to Spud. And really did fall asleep when we ended the call. Fully clothed. Now, having taken things easy for the day, I feel more myself. I'm still tired, but I feel more refreshed and ready to tackle my work. 

Yesterday one of the senior staff at work found out that I'm leaving soon. The one who rings me weekly, offering me hours. She said, teasingly, that I'm not allowed to leave. I'm going to miss them all. Each and every one of them, staff and students alike, have touched my life in some way. 

How many weeks left of living at home?



Anna said...

Not to worry sweet one.
Tis The Lord's Day and He knows we need our rest.
( I think.)
I lapsed back into faith there for a min lol.
I sometimes read the Beano.
Just because I can.
And it's fun and takes me back to childhood.
Enjoy your rest cupcake.
* Gulp*

Bethany Mason said...

Firstly, don't worry about your taste in books - we need the easy to read ones sometimes to make us feel really studious when reading 'literary' fiction.
Secondly, OMG, I didn't realise you are moving so soon - if I was you I'd be terrified but also very excited with the whole growing up and moving on thing.
And lastly, I think the tiredness thing is going around - this weekend, although I've done some work, it has mainly been slow and lazy as I feel I'm about to fall asleep almost all the time.
Bethany x

Kess said...

*Anna* Yes, I think he does too :) The Beano is brill and definitely first class entertainment. Or at least it was until they made it PC. Thanks pumpkin. Hope you're week isn't too busy xxxx

*Bethany* Firstly, you're so right! :) Secondly, I am mostly excited but I get moments of extreme anxiety. I'm going to be living with your family for the first few weeks as I'm not moving into my new accommodation until July. Lastly, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm wishing for some energy for the both of us x

Mariel said...

You shouldn't be anxious, Kess. I'm so excited for you! :D