Thursday, 22 April 2010

#22 Challenge and Poll

I don't have time to compile a long post today, so I have set a little challenge for you. The following quotes are all from the same source. See if you can guess where. No cheating!

'His bed was made of iron and was more than thirteen feet long and six feet wide'

'I am the son of an alien'

'My breath is offensive to my wife'

Also, the annual May ball takes place at uni in two weeks time. Do you think I should go?


Anna said...

I have a funny feeling ( and I didn't cheat , honest! ..
that these quotes are all from the Bible.
But I might be wrong.
The last one is ( I think ) from the book of Job,
a book I loved when I used to read scripture.
Am I right?
Should you go to the May Ball?
You will look like a princess!
I wish I had have known earlier, I would have loved to made your ball gown for you!
( With your permission, of course.)
I am thinking the loveliest shade of turquoise...

Ashley said...

I have no idea where the quotes are from, though I'm tempted to cheat and Google them. I won't, though. I like the idea that they're from The Bible--wouldn't that be interesting? I have no clue, though.

And I definitely think you should go to the ball, even if Spud can't come and you just go with friends. It's so fun to get dressed up and just have one last fun night before you move!

Kess said...

*Anna* Yes - you're spot on! Don't worry, I know you didn't cheat - I did wonder if you'd get it! Job is one of my favourite books because it's very lyrical and rich with imagery. Aw, that's okay. I have a dress in mind - one Spud's parents gave me for my birthday. It's black and very glamorous and sophisticated! Your turquoise dress sounds lovely though! :)



*Ashley* Yes, they were from the Bible. I will put up the books/chapters/verses later today.

I have decided to go to the ball. A friend of mine has said I can go with her group and crash at hers afterwards. I've bought my ticket online and I'm really excited! I've never been before but it's a really big occasion - I think there are even going to be fairgound rides!