Tuesday, 20 April 2010

#20 Dating

I know two people who got engaged recently after only being with their boyfriends for two months. I think to begin with I was a little surprised, but then I realised that they have had the bonus of seeing their boyfriends frequently during this short space of time. This is something Spud and I haven't really experienced, as we have always been in a long distance relationship. In some respects we see a lot of each other because when we're together we spend virtually every minute of every day together, which is essential as we are separated for several long weeks at a time. 

One of the things I am most looking forward to when I move up nearer to Spud is going out on dates with him. This might sound daft, but in the (almost) three years that we have been together, we have never been out on a date. Okay, we have been to the cinema and theatre, and out for meals and day trips together, and I guess they're undoubtedly what you'd call dates, but these 'dates' don't really feel like dates as there are no separations. We don't have the passionate goodbyes on the doorstep, and the anticipation of seeing each other the following day, or the day after at the very latest. We have the painful goodbyes at the bus station, and the anticipation of weeks apart. I suppose we have some insight into what marriage will be like, although this is something we've experienced from day one. It will be nice to spend some time dating before we embark on our marriage. 

I am thrilled that the long term separations will shortly be coming to an end. I am also really excited about spending our 3rd anniversary together as we have been separated for the last two. We will be on holiday in Scotland with my family, so we are planning a day for just the two of us. I like the idea of a picnic, but we will have to see. 

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Anna said...

Ooh a picnic!
That sounds lovely!
Love at a distance is never easy :(
but makes your time together all the more precious.
I wish you were the girl next door lol!
Mind you, we might never get any work done
heh heh, we would be so busy gabbing lol