Friday, 2 April 2010

#2 Tree in Blossom

At the foot of the garden stands an ornamental cherry tree, and every year I watch it go through its phases with each season. For the last few weeks I've waited for the outspread branches to become adorned with blossom, thus signifying the arrival of spring, but alas, when I left home for Spud's a fortnight ago they were still bereft of all cover. 

I returned home a couple of hours ago, overjoyed to see my family again after the long coach journey, but unable to deny the dull ache in my heart. I spied the tree from my brother's bedroom window, clothed in sprays of white blossom, and raced outside to photograph it. It was after 7, and still light. For all the rain showers we've had today, spring is here!


Anna said...

Ooh I love these shots Kess!
And nothing you muse on is aimless.
All your words are precious to me!
Aw Kess, don't be sad.
The time will go quickly.
If you were here now, I would give you a
bite of my Creme egg.
Heck, I would give you it all.
*Hugs *

Kess said...

You are so sweet! I love creme eggs, but I love you even more, poppet :) I think a hug will suffice!

I treasure your words too, blossom.



Anna said...

* Hugs Kess till she is breathless*

Mariel said...

Nice photos, Kess! I wish we have cherry trees here in our country. They look beautiful. :)

Kess said...

Thanks Mariel :) It always looks stunning at spring time!