Monday, 19 April 2010

#19 Thirty before Thirty

Recently Ashley made a list of 30 things she hopes to achieve before she turns 30, so I decided to do the same for today's post. You can read Ashley's 30 things here. The following are mine:

1) Run a half-marathon and run all the way
2) Graduate with at least a 2nd class degree
3) Buy a house
4) Marry
5) Have children
6) See Sixpence None the Richer perform live
7) Get my novel published
8) Read the complete works of Shakespeare
9) Read the complete works of Daphne du Maurier
10) Read the complete works of the Bronte sisters
11) Write the story of my life
12) Visit some of the remote Scottish islands
13) See the Northern Lights
14) Make a dress
15) Learn another language
16) Learn another musical instrument (violin or guitar)
17) Learn sign language
18) Go camping and cook food over a camp fire
19) Get one of my songs finished to the point where it can be performed
20) Start a vegetable garden
21) Knit a blanket or throw
22) Learn to crochet
23) Learn to play at least one piano piece from my Colplay music book
24) Host a dinner party
25) Cook Christmas dinner solo using my mother's recipes
26) Sew a patchwork quilt for my marriage bed
27) Devote a whole day to prayer and fasting
28) Make jam
29) Read 'Clarissa'
30) Keep this blog going

I think the next nine years are going to be pretty busy!


Anna said...

Well I want to do lots of things that are on your list,
so that's it.
You will just have to come visit and we can do them
together !
What fun we would have!
I've wanted to learn sign language since I was in my teens, all I can do is the alphabet :(
* Brightens up *
but I can play the guitar!
AML my darling,

Kess said...

You'll have to teach me then, hehe. And we can sew a patchwork blanket together! :) And test each other on our sign language!

Oh, the possibilities! Maybe I should have put 'visit Anna' on that list?