Friday, 16 April 2010

#16 Sixteen

Sixteen is a good number. It's not my favourite, but it's a number that marked a positive turning point in my life. When I was sixteen I was suddenly faced with choices, rather than the obligatory maths, Science and P.E. that dictated my life. I found myself in an environment where I was respected for who I was, and I realised I was beginning to grow up. I was, slowly but surely, starting to feel at ease with who I was. It was also the age I stopped ageing physically. I'm not kidding! I'm generally thought to be about sixteen, and people would give a double take over the years when I told them I was actually seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one... I am constantly being told to take it as a compliment, but usually by people who don't appreciate how patronising it can be. For the last five years I've looked more or less the same, but since getting the fringe I haven't been asked to show my ID when buying alcohol. I have a friend who's exactly the same except she's four years older than me! We were asked once if we were twins and, on another occasion, sisters. 

I'm thinking of getting a make over. I've tried using make up before but I'm hopeless. I would love a natural look that makes me look a bit more my age, because I think it would boost my confidence for job interviews, etc. I know at various cosmetic stores you can get guidance on applying make up, and advice about colouring. You can also pay to get your make up done professionally. That way they'll show you exactly what you need to get the look you want. What do you think? Any ideas?


Bethany Mason said...

I've had exactly the same problem in the past but I think that's more to do with my height and since I've put on weight I've rarely been asked for I.D. I also found that if I straighten my hair, people automatically assumed I was older (ok, so not as old as I was but you know what I mean).

Some stores that have make-up stands allow you to try things and get a free consultation but beware - they will try and sell you lots of expensive products during and after it.

Mariel said...

I'm not good with makeup either. I'm sorry but I don't think I can help. lol. I'm sure you'll figure something out. You're smart. ;)

Kess said...

*Bethany* Thanks for the hint! Yes, I was expecting to have lots of expensive products recommended to me! Lol. I have tried straightening my hair, but my hair is really straight anyway, so it doesn't make much difference. Maybe I should curl it?

*Mariel* No worries. Sounds like you're just like me! ;)

Anna said...

* Clears throat*
I actually think you are gorgeous as you are Kess,
and I mean that.
I am a total make up addict, I love it in every shape and form lol.
Especially the glittery eye shadows that Urban Decay make.
I think the best way is to go to a beauty parlour !

Ask around.

Good feedback/ word of mouth is essential.

Get a reputable one.

( Especially for your wedding day coming up!)

Tell them you want the most natural look possible.

But I do think you really are gorgeous anyway Kess.

Your beauty shines from within.

Kess said...

Thank you sweetie :) That's very helpful indeed. And you are right when you say beauty shines from within! I am a great believer in that.