Tuesday, 13 April 2010

#13 One Day You'll Know

I feel like sharing some poetry with you today. I wrote the following when I was seventeen. It's probably the first love song I've ever written, and it even pre-dates Spud - not that it was written for anyone in particular. Forgive me if it comes across as sounding quite clich├ęd.
One Day You'll Know

My mind overflows with memories
But one brings me back with a start:
One spring, just over a year ago,
Love ignited my heart.

My soul was scorched by the passion
You always play on my mind;
When we were together I soared
And when we were parted I pined.

Instinct told me to hold back
And not let my feelings show.
Deep down inside I was hopeful
That, darling, one day you'll know.

Cupid's shaft struck me with full force,
I was felled by a single blow.
These feelings are so overwhelming;
They took seed and started to grow.

Love is a hard thing to conquer
And can be the source of much sorrow.
Each day I hope and I pray
That, darling, one day you'll know

One day you'll know that I love you


Anna said...

Ooh that's lovely Kess!
I read your testimony today, and it touched me so much.
Kess, you strike such a chord in my heart, more than you will ever know.
I can't begin to tell how much I feel as though I know you, and we have never met!
I love the way you are blossoming in front of me
like a precious flower!

Kess said...

Thank you, my lovely :) That means a lot! I'm so happy we met, sweetpea!

Glad you liked my early attempt at poetry! Lol. I'm rather fond of this one.