Monday, 12 April 2010

#12 Failed Christian

'You know I need all the love you give a loser like me
I just don't know why you would give it for free
When I don't deserve it'

- Sixpence None the Richer 'Loser Like Me' -

Over Lent I read a daily devotional by Adrian Plass that covered the period between Shrove Tuesday and Easter Sunday. Adrian Plass is an author I'd recommend to anyone, regardless of faith, as he has a way of putting forward ideas in a really accessible and humorous manner. In the devotional he referred to himself as a 'failed' Christian on more than one occasion. It suddenly hit me that that's exactly what I am too. In fact, I think if every Christian looked in their hearts, they would recognise the same. I often get it wrong. I don't always act in a way that reflects Jesus. Adrian Plass asks the challenging question, 'Do we dare to turn the lights on and still claim to be followers of Jesus?' (Plass, The Unlocking). 

That's the beauty of what we believe in. We have sinned, and we continue to sin, but all those sins (past, present and future) were nailed on the cross with Jesus. We can still claim to be children of God even though we consistently mess up. It takes a lot of courage to admit to being a 'failed' Christian, but it's essential that we remember that God loves us all the same, believers and non believers alike. Nobody is a step above another. 

Just a short post today as I have a lot I need to do, but my testimony is now accessible if you'd like to read it. There is a link to it beneath my header entitled 'Love Story' or alternatively just click here


Bethany Mason said...

I am no longer a Christian but I am certain that the faith shouldn't be about failing. Yes, it teaches about sinning but it also teaches about unconditional love. Personally I feel that any religion that made me feel inferior or inadequate is not worth my time or energy. I would love to hear more about your faith so long as you can make it sound none-preachy. eg. How exactly do you serve God in your daily life? etc. Sorry this comment has become so long and confused but faith is something that I am equally intrigued and disgusted by (in the sense that people use it to cause wars and many people believe that they are better than everyone else because of their religion).

Kess said...

That wasn't really the point of my post (I guess the title is a bit deceptive). I didn't mean to focus so much on the 'failing' bit, and my religion does not make me feel inferior. What I meant was that we are all the same, i.e. far from perfect, and yet that peters into insignificance because, as you pointed out, of unconditional love which is at the core of Christianity.

And I agree with your last comment. I am disgusted to hear of people who think themselves above others because of their faith. We have all been made the same and therefore shouldn't require some social hierarchy. Sorry to make the post so preachy. I will bear your suggestion in mind!

Anna said...

Wow girls!
Well, take one look at me and spot the * failed * Christian.
One of the things I admire , love and adore about Kess
is her unflinching devotion to Jesus .
( I love the books of Adrain Plass Kess!)
I laughed so hard once when reading one of his books
I fell off a chair :)
Living the life of a Christian is no walk in the park.
I agree with a lot of what Bethany says, but honestly I feel that Kesse's honesty would draw me even closer to God
because I see Him in her.
And for that,
I'll always be grateful even though I couldn't stay the course.
* Sob*
Great post Kess, really thought provoking.
Anna ( the failed )

Kess said...

Nope, I'm afraid I have to disagree with you, Anna. You are not the failed. At least no more than anyone else in this world. No more than I am. I hope this post didn't make you feel that way, because that was not the intention at all!

You say the sweetest things, darling :) Thank you for your lovely, encouraging comments.



Bethany Mason said...

hunni, your post wasn't preachy at all but I do tend to put that before you make the mistake. Thank you for clearing up what you meant as I guess I totally mis-read your post and was slightly worried that you had thought you were a failure in anyone's eyes.

Kess said...

No worries sis :) Thanks for looking out for me!