Saturday, 10 April 2010

#10 Due Date

'I'm going nowhere and I'm going to take my time
And the questions in the world I can leave in my mind
I'm waiting on the sunshine, the sunshine'

- Sixpence None the Richer 'Waiting on the Sun' -

For the last couple of days my dissertation hasn't been progressing in the way it was earlier in the week. It has been quite disheartening, although I feel confident that I can get it done. I'm taking some time out tonight and tomorrow - off out with Dearest Friend and Darling Girl, and I'm hoping the respite will enable me to work once more when I return. 

A couple of days ago I received what I think of as my 'due' date. This is, in actual fact, the day of my one and only exam: May 18th. Then it will all be over, my sixteen years of education. 

Strangely, I had a nightmare last night that I returned to primary school as an adult and even had to pay for the 'privilege'! In the dream I was reduced to tears and started formulating an escape plan. I woke up feeling very shaken. I'm all for analysing dreams, and I'm pretty sure this one stemmed from my awareness of how close I am to stepping into the real world. 

So, what's next on the agenda? Well, the day after the exam I will be travelling up to Spud's and I don't expect to be apart from him, for more than a few days, ever again. We're going on holiday with my family at the end of May and due to limited space in my parents' car, Spud and I will be driving up ourselves in our new car! I don't think I told you about the new car. Spud and I bought it a few weeks ago after test driving it. It was the first time I've enjoyed driving. Ever. 

I guess I'll be looking for jobs too. I've already applied for three, been turned down by two, and I'm now currently waiting to hear from one (the one I'm most interested in so please pray, or keep your fingers crossed for me!)

I had no idea what to write today, but this has turned into quite a rambly post. Hope you enjoyed it, nevertheless. 


Bethany Mason said...

Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm loving reading a little in your blog everyday so keep up the good work (that's meant as encouragement not pressure, lol)

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany! :) I definitely took it as encouragement. And thanks for keeping your fingers crossed!

Ashley said...

Good luck with new jobs, new cars, new home, and all this newness (wow, apparently that's really a word)! What an exciting time!

Anna said...

I'm loving all the April posts, Kess.
It amazes me how you get all your work done AND post here!
I certainly will say a prayer for you.
I hope you get the job.
They would be mad not to take you.
And this post wasn't one bit rambly.
It was fantastic,
as ever.

Kess said...

*Ashley* Thank you :) It sure is!

*Anna* Thank you, sweetpea :) It amazes me too. I was expecting the next few weeks to be more intense than they have been but clearly underestimated my time management abilities.