Thursday, 1 April 2010

#1 Bad Fringe Day

Today is the first of my 30 days of posting. It is also my last day with Spud for a while as I return home tomorrow. Unfortunately he isn't around today. Every Thursday he does a day's work experience in a school, and would have taken today off, but last Thursday I needed to see a woman about a room - as opposed to a man about a dog - and therefore needed his services as my personal chauffeur. Neither of us felt that he could feasibly miss his work experience two weeks in a row, so he went in today, but we still have the whole evening together at least. 

For the first time since my new hair cut, I woke up cursing my fringe this morning. It was sticking up obscurely, and despite my desperate attempts to flatten it with a fine comb and water, I still look like I am trying to mimic the famous 'Jedward' hairstyle! *Cringes* In Spud's absence, today has been a practical one. I've spent most of it either working on my essay or filling out my third job application form. I also want to write Spud a love letter to leave him when I go tomorrow. 


Anna said...

Heh heh,
Jedkess. LOL!
Aw sweetie.

Kess said...

It's not a flattering hairstyle, believe me! Lol