Sunday, 28 March 2010

Second Lent

This time next week Lent will be over and I will be able to drink tea again, but sadly this will mark the beginning of a 7 week period apart from Spud. Granted, it will be our final separation, but I can't help but perceive that it will be about the same length as Lent, and Spud and I will be forced to give each other up for that time (although we will still phone each other daily). 

On Friday he took me to the theatre to see 'Cymbeline'. He purchased the tickets as a surprise, little knowing that 'Cymbeline' is my favourite Shakespeare play, and one I've always wanted to see performed. He isn't a fan of Shakespeare like I am, and so to sit through two and a half hours shows real dedication! I think, dear readers, he must love me! 


Ashley said...

What a wonderful fiance! I love Shakespeare, too! I've never seen or even read Cymbeline, though. It's not a terribly popular one here in the States, but I may just have to read it on my own. Good luck to your last separation--hope it flies by!

Mariel said...

He does love you, Kess. And I think you already know that. :)

Kess said...

*Ashley* It's a fantastic play, but not that well known :) I missed a performance in August when I was away on holiday, so I was thrilled when Spud bought the tickets!

*Mariel* Yep, sure do :)

Anna said...

Hey sweetie :)
Sorry I didn't get leaving a comment yesterday
I was snowed under with all the post holiday washing lol.
Aw Kess, it's hard to be without the one you love.

What a lovely treat from Spud!
I've never heard of that play
( what a muppet I am :(
And of course he loves you!
( and we love you, and Spud!)
I'll keep you company for the whole seven weeks
with my madness lol.

Kess said...

Thanks Anna :) That means so much!

And no worries about not replying right away :)