Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Day in the Life of K

This is Tuesday 30th March. 

My day began at 7.30am when I awoke to the sound of Spud's radio alarm, on full volume as always. The fact that Spud almost always sleeps through this racket never ceases to amaze me! I lay in the confined space between his hi-fi and a box of videos, which has been my bed for the last week or so. It's not the most luxurious place to sleep, but the roll mat eases the discomfort, ensuring I don't wake up to aching limbs each morning. I have no complaints - there's nowhere else for me to sleep. Spud's father put his head round the door a little after the alarm went off to ascertain that Spud was awake. He repeated this ritual once or twice more. At about ten to eight Spud rolled out of bed (I promptly rolled in) and began to get ready. Five minutes later, he kissed me goodbye and left to catch the bus. I allowed myself a further forty-five minutes in bed, but after lying awake for twenty-five minutes, decided it was time to get up and get on with my assignment during Spud's absence. 

I dressed and ate a breakfast of assorted fruit: a handful of grapes, an apple, and a glass of orange juice. I then returned to Spud's bed, creating a cosy nest surrounded by my notes, where I could work effectively. I worked for twenty minutes and produced about a hundred words. Pleased with my progress, I continued, but unfortunately it proved to be a false start, and after about an hour I was almost back to my previous word count. Disheartened, I took a short break and posted the blog prior to this one, which I found extremely therapeutic. When I returned to my essay I was ready to work, and did so almost continuously for another three hours. I took the occasional break, during which I read the latest blog posts. (Sarah, I did wear yellow today in memory of your friend. I was already dressed - unfortunately not in yellow - but I slipped a yellow hair band on my wrist, and still have it on now). 

By 1pm I had upped my word count by nearly 500 words, and had more or less reached the halfway mark. I was pleased with what I had produced, and content to put my work aside for the day as I didn't expect to write anything further. I went through to the kitchen to organise lunch. Spud's mother, father, sister and little brother were around, although everyone but his sister went out while I was heating up some ravioli (from a can) for lunch. When I had finished eating, I had about an hour to spare before I needed to meet Spud, and so I returned to my laptop (this time for leisure). Somehow, I returned to my essay and managed to produce a further fifty words in that time, pushing my word count over the halfway mark! I still had a few minutes, so I did two of my daily readings (Adrian Plass and Guy Browning), and when I had finished those it was time to go. 

I left the house at 2.30pm, and walked the short distance to the bus stop. After about a five minute wait I spied a yellow shape upon the horizon, and identified it as the bus. I joined two other passengers on board, and then switched off, letting the world pass me by. A few minutes into the journey I regretted that I hadn't brought along a book, and decided to use the time to pray instead. I arrived outside the mall at 3, fifteen minutes before our prearranged meeting time. I waited at the entrance, and found myself gazing into the window of a (brace yourself Anna!) Yankee candle shop! I have never, in my life, seen so many Yankee candles in one setting, and I was enticed in. I collected a handful or two of the smallest, sample-sized candles. Two were presents, but I also bought two for myself as a treat - one called Cinnamon Sticks, and one called Midsummer Night (partly because I love the colour, and partly because I love the name). I also bought two candle holders to go with the two bought as presents. The lady at the till was very friendly, and because the shop was empty we ended up chatting for a several minutes. She asked if the candles were presents, and I explained that I had bought two as treats to help me through my studies. This then led on to a conversation about my course, and when I told her about my dissertation I learned that she was currently reading Jane Eyre, and had previously read Rebecca. Another customer was, by that point, waiting to be served, and so, exchanging friendly goodbyes, I returned to my spot outside the mall. It was quarter past three by then, and I expected Spud to arrive at any time. While I was waiting, a woman, leaving the mall, dropped 2p on the ground. Having heard the chime of the coin as it hit the ground, she glanced back and obviously deemed it not worth picking up, for she continued on her way. The coin was not far from my feet, and despite its low value I contemplated retrieving it. A rhyme I learned as a childhood echoed through my mind: 'See a penny, pick it up, then all day you'll have good luck'. Of course, I don't believe in luck, but I concluded that there was no point in leaving what was clearly not wanted. After about a minute, I stooped and plucked it from the ground, feeling a blush rise to my cheeks, wondering if anyone saw and judged. 

Shortly after this Spud arrived, along with his friend and class mate, Louise. We hung out for a bit, and went to a few shops before Louise had to go home. Then Spud took me to Pizza Express for dinner. We had a two for one voucher, which cut the cost down. We arrived just before five, so it wasn't too busy, although there was a reasonable number of customers. I was tempted to go for my favourite Quattro Formaggi (that's four cheese pizza for you non-Italian speakers out there - mind you, I don't speak Italian either, lol) but decided to try something different, and in the end opted for the Il Padrino (chicken breast, tomatoes, chargrilled vegetables). Spud chose the Pollo Pancetta (chicken breast, yellow peppers, smoked pancetta). The service was good, and the food delicious! When we had finished and paid, we raced over to Iceland to buy some milk, and made it to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus home. 

We finished our day by cuddling up in front of a couple of films, 'Good Will Hunting' and 'The Beach'. And that was my day, more or less. And, in the time that it's taken me to write this, it is now over an hour into the next day! 


Sarah said...

Kess...thanks so much for wearing yellow! You have no idea how much it means. I know you are a busy girl, but I'm trying to get everyone I know to make yellow ribbons and hand them out to everyone they know. I want to spread the word tha NO ONE is ever alone, and it's okay to ask for help for yourself! Every person whose life you can steer in the right direction is one more life saved.


Kess said...

You're welcome Sarah :) It was the least I could do. My best friend's brother committed suicide just after Christmas, so I have some idea of what you're going through at the moment :( The yellow ribbons are a great idea to promote awareness!