Monday, 8 March 2010

Catch Up

It's funny how much I've missed blogging this last week, but it's one thing I've had to put to one side recently, amongst others. I even dreamed about posting a blog last night! 

I keep reminding myself that in three months I will have all the time in the world for blogging, and various other pursuits. Although I don't have any major deadlines until May, I have had two personal deadlines to meet, both for this coming Thursday, but thankfully I got one out of the way beforehand. That particular deadline was an informal presentation I was due to give this week, but because a classmate was absent last week I was able to take his place and give my presentation then instead. 

My other deadline is for another chapter of my dissertation. I have my final dissertation meeting a week today, and after that I will be working solo, a frightening prospect! My lecturer needs to read my work beforehand, and has given me the deadline of 12 noon on Friday, but because I don't work well under pressure, I aim to have it complete by Thursday at the latest!

My other news is that I am applying for a job! I was looking casually for jobs in Spud's city, and for the first time came across a position I felt I had the experience for. It's very exciting! 

Despite the work pressure, I enjoyed a night out on Saturday for Dearest Friend's 21st birthday! I thought I would include a couple of photographs because I had my hair cut recently - see if you can spot the difference! 

This is just a brief post to bring you up to date, and let you know that I am still alive and well!


Anna said...

Well thank goodness for that.
Now I can call off the search lol.
OOH! Your hair is lovely, you have a fringe now!
I likey!
And I love your top.
You like like a beautiful fairy princess.

Anna said...

That would be
* you look like a beautiful princess*

Anna said...

I still got it wrong! Sheesh!
I'm befuddled by lemsips lol

Kess said...

Thank you, darling :)

Oh dear! Lemsip overdose! Lol.

Never mind - it means I got three comments on my post :) Teehee!