Wednesday, 3 February 2010


The following is something I wrote a while ago, although I don't remember when. It's something I felt like sharing...


As clocks tick they mimic the soft, steady
Beating of my heart; loud and rhythmical.
When the time comes we must all be ready;
It cannot be caged like an animal.

It comes and goes as it pleases; feral
And untameable. It cannot be bound
Nor stopped. It may lead us into peril
If it chooses. Sometimes it may be found

And we have an hour or two to kill,
An hour or two that we will no doubt waste. 
Even if we run we will find that still,
No matter our pace, time cannot be chased.

As clocks tick I am forced to meet each fear.
We are thirty-four days into this year. 


Anna said...

I like it!
A lot!

Ashley said...

Love it! I love the rhythm!

Kess said...

Thank you :) That really means a lot!