Tuesday, 23 February 2010

+ / -

(Subtitle: Another Day in My Life. (+) signifies something particularly positive, and (-) something particularly negative that came of my day. This is Tuesday 23rd February)

I woke with the alarm at 06:15, feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. I began the day with my favourite maple syrup granola bar, and a glass of water (I've given up tea for lent *sniff*). I then dressed, put in my contact lenses, and brushed my hair, and then returned to bed for 10 minutes with a book. At 06:47 I leapt out of bed, gathered up my backpack and left the house in a waterproof jacket. 

At approximately 06:57 I arrived at the bus stop, where another girl waited, absorbed by her music which was faintly audible, seeping through her earphones to embrace the morning quiet. Just after 7am the bus arrived and, after purchasing a ticket, I slid into a seat at the back of the bus, and released Robinson Crusoe from my backpack. I immediately regretted my position, as I had inadvertently chosen a seat where the light was at its dimmest. However, I felt no inclination to move, and I still had sufficient lighting to continue my perusal of the novel. 

Ninety minutes and forty-five miles later, I reached my destination a little later than expected due to heavy traffic approaching the city. Shortly after stepping down from the bus I observed my next bus sailing triumphantly by crawling along the opposite side of the road (-). Despite its pace I knew there was no way that I could beat it to the bus stop, and so I was forced, due to very recent timetable changes, to wait another half an hour in the cold rather than twenty minutes. 

At 09:40 I raced across the campus, making a beeline for the library. Thankfully, I already knew which books I required, and so it didn't take long to locate them. I sidled into my lecture room at 09:55 and the lecturer appeared at 10:05. 

For the next hour and a half we critiqued each others poetry. Eager to break tradition and participate this time, I made attentive notes each time a poem was read out, and waited patiently for an opportunity to air my views. However, before I could overcome my discomfort of public speaking, or even find an appropriate occasion to 'butt in', my lecturer made a comment that was almost identical to my own observation. This happened also on a second occasion, and after that I simply gave in (-). However, despite my failure, I feel I came one step closer to defeating my fear of public speaking. Perhaps next time I will have the opportunity to share my thoughts with the class. My own poem received some useful feedback, both positive and critical, and I felt that it was more successful than the last poem I submitted. 

After a twenty minute break, during which I joined Robinson Crusoe and ate a ham sandwich, the workshop resumed, and four people presented poems written by renowned poets. The session finished twenty minutes early. The buses are due at two minutes past the hour. If a lecture finishes on time, we usually just miss that bus, and have to wait half an hour for the next one. I was pleased with today's timing, because by the time I'd reached the bus stop I had just a fifteen minute wait. 

An hour later I was still at the bus stop, along with a crowd of students. It rained and as there was no room in the shelter for me, I got wet (-) . I was very thankful for my waterproof jacket. During this time I was joined by my friend, Hannah, who I don't always see on a Tuesday, and wouldn't have done if if the buses were running as usual. The wait provided ample opportunity for us to chat (+)

Eventually we decided to walk down to the next stop, where we can access more of a variety of bus services. At about 14:05 the bus we had been waiting for appeared. We learned that the road to our university was temporarily closed due to building work and the buses had been diverted so that they missed our stop. And none of the builders loitering in the building site that currently surrounds our university campus, even bothered to notify the numerous people gathered at the bus stop! (-) Also, traffic seemed to continue despite this apparent closure of our road, and it seemed only to be our bus that was affected. Other buses passed us by while we were waiting!

It didn't matter too much, because I had arranged to have coffee with another friend, Matt, whom I've known for years. We had originally agreed to meet at 13:45 so that I could catch my usual 14:25 bus home, but as his lectures hadn't finished he texted me to see if we could meet an hour later. This suited me fine, considering the circumstances I have previously alluded to. 

I arrived in the city centre at 14:25, and parted with my Hannah. I then went to Boots and printed some photographs on their twenty-four hour service. I will collect them on Thursday. I met Matt outside the Thorntons cafe, and ordered a coffee and a mouth-watering toffee tart. Our meeting was a short one as I had to go and catch my bus, and couldn't really afford to delay any longer, but we enjoyed a good 'catch up' (+), and I appreciated having a sympathetic ear to listen to me rant about buses! *Joke*

I arrived at the bus station to find my bus waiting for me, scrambled aboard. It was a relief to sink back into the seat, and breathe a sigh of relief. In an hour and a half I would be home. I finished Robinson Crusoe shortly before my stop. It is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, and hope to review soon. 

At 16:55 I unlocked the front door, and stepped wearily into the hallway, where I was met by my youngest brother. He announced that Spud had literally just rung. I had told him to expect me home at about 16:00, so I decided to ring him back immediately. I arranged a snack of celery and cherry tomatoes, and a glass of water, which I proceeded to eat while we talked on the phone (+). Hearing his voice really made my day, and we talked for nearly two hours.

Dinner was ready just before seven - plaice, home made chips, and peas, a simple but welcome meal. I finished it off with an apple for dessert, and then did the washing up: my regular contribution to the housework. 

By this time it was 19:20, and so I got into my pyjamas. I love to wear my pyjamas, and often change into them hours before bedtime, so that I can unwind in comfort. I climbed into bed and did my nightly readings. These currently consist of a short devotional (I'm currently reading The Unlocking by Adrian Plass, which spans the course of lent), an extract of Never Hit a Jelly Fish with a Spade by Guy Browning, two poems from a volume of Philip Larkin's poetry, and two poems from The Rattlebag, a poetry anthology Spud gave me for my birthday, and approximately four chapters of the Bible (Numbers today). I also wrote in my diary, and doodled in my visual diary, a project inspired by this blog. It has been pleasant to rediscover an old hobby (+)

At 20:16 I switched on my laptop and began typing this entry, which is very nearly complete. In a few minutes I will post it, and then get ready to go to bed at 22:00, in preparation for another 06:15 start tomorrow. If I have a few minutes to spare I will begin the next book on my reading list, another Defoe, Moll Flanders

I hope you have enjoyed reading this detailed account of my day. 

(Total: (+) = 4, (-) = 4 = Tie. I guess, overall, it wasn't that bad a day!)


Bethany Mason said...

I love reading these kind of posts as they fulfill my voyeuristic tendancies (not the right word but my brain is no longer functioning properly). Wow, you have long days and somehow manage to get so much done - I'm almost jealous :)

Ashley said...

I love posts like these, too! It's so fun to get into each others' lives. I'll have to do one of my own.

Also, 90 minute commute? Wow. But actually, it sort of sounds like fun to be able to relax and get all that reading done!

Kess said...

Thanks guys! Glad you liked the post.

I don't really mind the commute. It's all the time spent waiting for buses that I hate!

Anna said...

This post was awesome!
Like watching 24 with Jack Bauer
( and without the terrorists lol.)