Friday, 12 February 2010

Birthday Week

Sorry for being fairly elusive this week. I find it difficult to get online when Spud's here, and tend to only find the time while he's napping. Even on these occasions I have just enough time to check my inbox and my facebook, and rarely the time to compose a blog. So apologies. 

It has been a week full of birthdays, beginning with my dad's on Monday. A colleague of mine, and Spud's sister, celebrated their birthdays on Tuesday, and then Wednesday marked not only mine, but my younger brother's 15th birthday! 

Spud arrived last Saturday, and then on Sunday we went out for a pre-birthday meal with my grandparents. The restaurant we chose is popular, and we discovered particularly busy on Sunday lunchtimes, and consequently, some of the dishes we would have chosen were unavailable, but the food and the company was good, and the eight of us had a wonderful time. Afterwards, my grandparents showed us their photographs from their trip to Australia in the autumn, and my brother put on an Australian accent and gave us a humorous commentary. My grandparents gave me a beautiful wooden music box to mark my coming of age. It plays Greensleeves. 

Spud woke me up at midnight on Wednesday to wish me a happy birthday, and give me my first birthday present! Weekdays are not the most convenient days for birthdays, and with most of us out of the house celebrations had to be postponed until evening. Although I worked first thing on my birthday, I had no lectures and was free from 9am onwards. Spud took me to the cinema to see Avatar, and it definitely conformed to our expectations, based on the good reviews we've heard. Despite it's length we were enthralled for the entire performance! 

Everyone arrived home late, and we ordered a Chinese takeaway. My father opened a bottle of bubbly so that we could toast my 21st. There was a pile of cards and presents for me to open. My parents gave me a beautiful locket that I chose. I want to put a photograph of Spud and me in one side, and a photograph of my parents in the other. 

Today we spent the afternoon with my other grandparents, and my grandma laid out a lovely 'birthday' tea. My grandad has dementia, and was mostly unresponsive, but when my grandma played a favourite CD of his he sat bolt upright and looked at us for the first time that day, a broad smile on his face. He was anchored into his special armchair with a pillow on either side, and a blanket across his knees. He had a small blanket, and toy in his lap intended for a baby, but he likes the different textures and bright colours, and fiddles with the tabs around the edge of the blanket. It has been sad to watch him deteriorate over the years, and so seeing any positive response to his surroundings is always rewarding. 

Tomorrow I will be holding a little party, reminiscent of childhood parties. There will be jelly and ice cream; lemonade coloured pink and blue; games of pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. Surprisingly, some of the guests are people I thought had forgotten me; rejected me even. I invited them as a last resort, expecting them to decline, and most of them are coming! I have much to do, and so will now post this little update for you...


Mariel said...

I missed your blog, Kess.. I'm glad you're having fun. You totally deserve it. :)

Kess said...

Thanks Mariel :) It's nice to be missed. I missed the blogging too!

Muffins said...

Belated happy birthday Kess! I'm so sorry for the late greeting. It's nice that you had fun. Oh btw, you share the same birthday with your brother? That's cool! :)