Friday, 29 January 2010

Travelling Inspiration Notebook

My friend Anna came up with the idea of producing a Travelling Inspiration Notebook, and I was the honoured first recipient. Let me explain how the whole project works. Anna bought a notebook (see photo below) and filled the first four pages with whatever she wished, and then she sent it on to me so that I could do the same. I will be sending the notebook on to another recipient to do the same. When the notebook is full, the last recipient will return the notebook to Anna. She will then put the names of all participants into a hat and select one. That lucky person will win the notebook!

(Above: The notebook. Anna - do you recognise any of the books in the background?)

(Above: My first two pages. Some of you may recognise the photo)

(Above: My second page. I'm pleased with my pages but I don't think they are a patch on Anna's!)

I showed the notebook to my mum before putting it in the envelope to send on to my chosen recipient. She was really impressed with the project, and said it was the sort of thing her Weight Watchers group should do - fill a notebook with tips and recipes people feel helped them to lose weight, and encouraging stories. 

I really enjoyed working on my pages. It was such a fun project to do, and I would like to say an enormous thank you to Anna for sharing this! I think the finished project will be amazing!


Anna said...

* Fills up*
Kess it is wonderful!
Your pages are awesome and you are SUCH a neat writer!
I love what you have done, and my does your bookcase ever look like mine lol.
I want to visit Cornwall someday, just because
Daphne loved it.
That was a great idea of your mums.
Get her to start one!
And Kess, thanks.

Kess said...

You're welcome :) I'm glad you like my pages.

Cornwall is beautiful. It's one of my favourite places :) I know it quite well because my grandparents live there. I think that's why I like Daphne's books so much, because I can recognise the places she writes about.



FJ said...

Hi, Kess. What Anna and you do is awesome...I'm quite interested on whatt you guys wrote inside..Is it all about places you guys had travelled before? (coz the title of the book itself is travelling inspiration notebook)

Kess said...

Hi FJ. Thanks for stopping by :) Like you I thought it was travel related, but Anna said that participants could put anything they wanted on their pages - pictures, photos, quotations... Things that inspire you really, or things that are important to you. It's called a travelling notebook because it travels from participant to participant. We're hoping others will be inspired to set up a travelling notebook of their own!

Anna said...

Aw FJ that was a really lovely thing to say
* blushes*