Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spot the Falsehood

Some of you will remember that a while ago, Carrie posted eleven facts about herself, and asked people to guess which one was false. Now I am going to do the same, to see how well you think you know me :) Good luck!

1) I was Mary in two of my school nativities. The second occasion was my first ever speaking role, and I had four lines to learn!

2) My blogger name is that of a heroine in a trilogy of books that I loved during my teens

3) Spud is my first and only love, but I did send a Valentine's card before I knew him

4) I've never broken a bone

5) I would choose a cup of tea over any alcoholic beverage

6) I passed my driving test three years ago, but only drive out of necessity as it is something I really hate

7) For most of my childhood I wanted to be a vet, a dream that I soon revised after starting high school and discovering just how difficult Science was, as well as developing a strong aversion to blood

8) My parents would have christened me Amy, had my aunt and uncle not chosen that name for my cousin who was born five months before me

9) My favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie, closely followed by homemade apple crumble with hot custard :)

10) I am not at all ticklish, although I was very as a little girl

11) I find walking into a room full of people, or walking towards someone from the opposite direction quite an ordeal, but one which I can conquer


Bethany Mason said...

Wow - this is a hard question as they all seem plausible but I would guess that 10 is the untruth and that you are really ticklish.

Anna said...

My guess is 5 because I think you like wine?

Ashley said...

I'll guess... #6... I bet you really love driving...

Kess said...

Thanks for guessing folks! :) I'll keep you in suspense and give you the answer in a couple of days!