Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Reality Kicks In

My big move in June following the completion of my degree has, since Sunday, started to feel very real indeed. Whenever I speculated a future of living nearer to Spud, namely in his very city, I just couldn't picture it. I couldn't imagine living minutes from Spud, instead of hours, nor could I imagine having a full time job, and living anywhere other than the place I've known as home all these years. It all seemed very surreal, and consequently, I think a part of me just didn't think it was going to happen, even though I knew with certainty that one day it would.

I think part of the reason was that when we started going out, we knew there would come a time when one of us would have to move closer to the other, and I was all for leaving home and moving closer to Spud - I still am. Anyway, the move has always been on my mind, but up until the last few months, it's felt a very long way into the future. Now, suddenly, it looms upon the horizon, only five and a half months away.

Just before Christmas, when I was last visiting Spud, I advertised for a room through the church he is involved with, and the church where we think we'll end up attending weekly, and even getting married! On Sunday, I received a phone call from a woman who had seen my notice and was interested. We had a brief conversation on the phone, and will arrange to meet in April when I am next visiting Spud. Afterwards, Spud looked her address up on Google Earth and we were even able to see a picture of her house on street view. That was when reality kicked in - when I saw my prospective dwelling from June onwards. It is in an ideally location, and only minutes by car from Spud's house.

I am beginning to anticipate the move with both excitement and impatience now that one factor has been potentially resolved. That's one prayer that God has answered for me swiftly. I can only hope that it'll be the same story when it comes to the job front! God is good! :)

In other news, Spud returned home today :( but it'll only be a short spell of 3-4 weeks before he returns! :)


Bethany Mason said...

Good luck in your search for somewhere and I totally understand what you mean - the future seems so far away and then suddenly everything comes crashing around you - this time next year it will be me looking for a place to live and work; it seems so far away (a year is a long time isn't it?) but I know that one day I'll wake up and realise that the year has gone.

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany! Time seems to be passing by so quickly now. It's scary, but exciting too!