Tuesday, 5 January 2010

An Overview of Christmas

Spud and I have both got colds, not the best way to start the new year, but perhaps it's better to get the ailments out of the way now, and enjoy good health later on in the year. Spud is snoozing at the moment, so I thought now would be a good opportunity to post about how I spent my holidays. Because I had so much work to do during the latter half of Christmas, I didn't get much opportunity to write.

Shortly after Christmas, my best friend, Dearest Friend, received some devastating news. She found out that her older brother had died. Any prayers for her and her family would be appreciated, because this has been a real dampener for her, as you would expect. Spud and I were with her on the day she received the news - we went to see her as soon as we heard because she needed the distraction, and some close friends to comfort her.

She didn't come out with us on New Year's Eve as we had prearranged, which was a shame but understandable. Spud and I still went out though with Darling Girl, my other best friend, along with a couple of other girls, Darling Girl's brothers, and an ensemble of their friends. We all went out in fancy dress, as you can see from the photographs.

Dearest Friend and Darling Girl live by the sea, and so shortly before midnight everyone, locals and visitors alike, trooped along to the seafront where we saw 2010 in with a brief firework display lasting under five minutes. Everyone there dresses up for New Year's Eve, and some of the costumes were spectacular, more imaginative than ours even! I wish I had taken some more pictures.

The atmosphere was quite something, although by about midnight we were beginning to witness some wild behaviour. A horde of people climbed up on the roof of a small cafe right by the sea. We expected the roof to cave in as more people climbed up still, in order to join the rooftop party. The sky was alight, not with stars, but with Chinese Lanterns, which sailed overhead in the direction of the sea. I have never seen them alight before, but they were truly stunning.

On the second day of 2010, we celebrated my grandfather's 80th birthday, over a banquet of Indian food. His is the first of many family celebrations this year, including my coming of age, my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, and my parents' 25th. It's going to be quite a year. My granny gave me some books for my dissertation as she is quite a fan of Daphne du Maurier and the Bronte sisters. She told me I looked like Charlotte Bronte with my hair tied back in a bun as it was that day.

And that was the main events of my Christmas holiday wrapped up. I handed in all my assignments yesterday, much to my relief, and I have the next three weeks off, with nothing but the dissertation to concentrate on. Spud is here for another week, so it'll be nice to spend some time with him without the pressure of uni work. Mind you, I hope we recover soon so that we can enjoy some days out before he goes!


Anna said...

This was a delight to read Kess.
Your grandma is a very astute lady
I loved it that she thought you looked like Charlotte Bronte!
Enjoy your rest time sweetie....

Kess said...

I knew you would! :) It was a real compliment.

Glad you enjoyed the post.