Saturday, 9 January 2010


I decided, only today, that once a month I am going to do something outrageous, starting today. This evening, I did something I've been wanting to do for a while, but been a little hesitant about doing.

Just over a year ago I discovered hair dye. I made all the necessary enquiries beforehand, asking my cousin's advice about which brand to use, and deciding to use only semi-permanent (I would never use permanent hair dye!) The colour I chose the first time was called caramel, only a step up from my own natural hair colour, and hardly anyone noticed the difference. I used darker colours the second and third time round, chocolate and dark brown, and it was only really on the third occasion that people did notice the difference without being prompted. For years I wondered what my hair would look like if I dyed it black. About an hour ago I found out!

This evening I dyed my hair black (photos to come) as my act of outrageousness this month! As before, I used semi permanent hair dye so it should fade over with the next twenty-eight hair washes or so. I really like it as a change, and people are bound to notice this time!

My other New Year's Resolutions include:

1) Stop biting my fingernails (so far I have been fairly successful)

2) Produce a final draft of my novel

3) Read the complete plays of Shakespeare

Spud is here until Tuesday. I'm dreading his return home, but the good news is he'll be back for another visit next month! :)


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! You are one daring girl!

I dyed my hair a VERY dark brown last spring (I'll try to find the picture somewhere), and it did look black for the longest time until it began to fade. I will say, it takes some (A LOT OF) getting used to!

Anna said...

I mean, wow.
Now I can't wait to see the pics!
The most outrageous thing I've done today is
put the bin out.
And the collection isn't due till Monday.
Heh heh.

Ashley said...

I dyed my hair black about 3 times, and every time, it was awesome! It makes such a difference, and it fades in a really cool way. I was getting shades of red and burgundy as it faded. Have fun with it! Can't wait to see pics! What a great idea--to do something outrageous! Have fun with that!

Mariel said...

Oh my! I hope you're posting the photos as I type this. lol. I'm excited to see your new look! :D

Kess said...

*Sarah* My hair hasn't come out really black. My natural colour is so light it never comes out quite as dark as the colour is supposed to be. I'm pleased with it though :)

*Anna* Oh my, you're an early bird putting your bin out! Lol. I think I quite like being outrageous. I'll post some photos soon, sweetpea!



*Ashley* I've decided I quite like being outrageous for a change :) I've just got to think of some outrageous things to do for the coming months! I have a few ideas...

*Mariel* Sorry to disappoint you Mariel :( I'll get Spud to take some so that I can post them today. Stay tuned! :)