Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Knitting In Blue

It has been a joy to rediscover knitting recently. I had to cast my needles aside after the summer, as I had so much work and reading to do that there wasn't the time to start anything new. As soon as I handed my assignments in last week, I spent every free moment clicking away on my needles, working on a new project that Dearest Friend set me. You can see the finished product below.

Dearest Friend is about to become a Great Aunt. She's only twenty like me, but she became an aunt when she was only six months old. When her last niece was born I gave her mum a knitting pattern for the adorable baby jacket above. I later expressed an interest in having ago at the pattern myself, but with no new babies in the family I didn't see the point. So when Dearest Friend heard that another baby was due in her family, she set me the task of knitting the jacket for her Great Nephew, due next month. That's what I've been up to recently :)

I found out too that my dear mother has found her way onto my blog, and I think she definitely deserves a shout: Hello Mum! :D


Anna said...

* See comment below*
* bangs head*

Mariel said...

Aww. The jacket is so cute! It looks extra adorable to me because blue is my favorite color. :) You're really good at this!

Kess said...

*Anna* I will :) Hope you didn't bang your head too hard :/



*Mariel* Thanks :) Blue is my favourite colour too!