Monday, 25 January 2010

A Day in the Life of K

I have decided to give you a little snippet of my world by writing about one day in my life. This is my Saturday (23rd January 2010).

I was looking forward to taking things a little more slowly, and didn't resurface from unconsciousness until a little before nine. I felt tired. My limbs were heavy from the busy week, but I knew I would sleep on no longer. I was glad to be awake, and grateful for the day ahead. I uttered a silent prayer of thanks as I rolled over onto my back, and propped up my pillow. I rose from the bed and crossed the room barefoot to switch on the light. As I returned to the bed, the awful dregs of a nightmare returned to my mind. I had dreamt that Spud was dead, and I was crying uncontrollably. I didn't think I would stop. I had woken up in the middle of the night, and acknowledged with relief that it was just a horrible nightmare, before falling asleep once more.

I stayed in bed for a further two hours, reading Mrs de Winter, Susan Hill's sequel to Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. I was only about eighty pages from the end, and I knew I would finish it that day. Although I hadn't engaged with the plot immediately, it was one which I had gradually begun to enjoy. It was interesting to read another's vision of what would come next after du Maurier's bestseller, although I'm not sure that I was convinced by it. It still made a good novel, and an enjoyable and gripping read. I think I got up at intervals over the next couple of hours to make myself a cup of tea. I think on one of these occasions I ate one of my favourite maple syrup granola bars, which I find makes a sufficient breakfast.

Finally, at eleven, I felt I could not delay the getting up process any longer. I put the unfinished book aside and dressed. I wore my second-hand Boyfriend jeans (named because they're baggy and supposed to look like they belong to my boyfriend) and my rainbow stripe t-shirt, that Spud had picked out for me from a sale rack, last time we went shopping together. 'This is the sort of thing you wear', he said, smiling. I couldn't agree more, and it had been reduced to a pound. After cleaning my teeth, I sat down in front of my laptop and opened the relevant Word documents, containing parts of my dissertation in first draft format.

I laid my many books out on my bed, which is beside where I sit at my desk, and the perfect surface for spreading out my notes. I spent an hour or so reading through what I had written, and referring to my numerous notes, trying to decide what to write next. I stopped for lunch, and while I prepared my usual favourite snack - beans on toast with a thick layer of grated cheese - I decided that a weekend off would be beneficial after the week I'd had. I'd been to work everyday that week, and up every morning at 6 so that I could be in to work the 7-9 shift. I had also worked evening shifts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The early starts, combined with the late nights had worn me out!

I had spent Friday morning working on my dissertation, and succeeded in writing 900 words that I was happy with, boosting the word count up to 3,500. My plans to take Friday afternoon off and watch a film were foiled by Spud, who was panicking over his own work, and needed the support through instant messenger. And so I spent the rest of my Friday being there for him, and wasting time on the internet, too exhausted to even post a blog!

So I spent Saturday afternoon, watching the films I would probably have watched the previous day, had circumstances been different. I had only intended to watch one film, and chose 'She's the Man', one I received for Christmas from my brother. I saw the first half a couple of years ago, and never knew how it ended. It was quite good, if a little corny. The references to Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' didn't go much beyond the fact that the film was about a girl called Viola who dressed up as her twin brother Sebastian (in order to join the boys' soccer team in this case).

While I watched the film, I knitted. I actually finished my piece of knitting as the film was ending, and was so keen to stitch it together, that I put on another film, 'Wimbledon', so that I had something to watch while I continued with the project. I wasn't even sure what it was meant to be, but I had planned to line it with a pair of old jeans. I prepared these, separating the legs and discarding those. I put them in my box of fabric, as I'm sure I will find some use for them at some point.

When the film had ended, I got out my sewing machine, and stitched some pink star embellishments onto my knitting. I was called down for dinner while I was doing this, but continued with my task after I had done the washing up. Once all the stars were in place, I stitched the denim lining in place. This was a difficult task because my machine, although a decent one, struggled to stitch through the many layers, and in the thickest places it would come to an abrupt halt and beep at me. Somehow, I managed it. It was poorly constructed in places, but the finished result looked pretty. I decided that it must be a bag. It just needs a zip and a strap and then it will be complete.

When my project was complete, I changed back into my pyjamas and wrote in my diary. After that, I did my Bible reading for the day (4 chapters of Job) and then continued reading Mrs de Winter. I was only pages from the end when Spud rang, and I spent two hours chatting to him. He was in considerably better spirits, having worked hard on his assignment all day. He had panicked the day before because his work is due in tomorrow, and he was struggling to find any relevant references. He was now close to finished, thankfully, and so the bulk of the pressure had lifted.

When we finished talking for the night, I read the last pages of Mrs de Winter, and before I went to bed, lined up a new book to begin reading the next morning...


Bethany Mason said...

Thank you for sharing such a detailed description of your day - I absolutely loved reading it as that is why I read blogs (to be nosey). Well written and plenty of information told in your beautiful style, I would love to read more posts along this line.

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany :) I really enjoyed writing this. I'm glad you appreciated the detail. I was thinking this might open a window for similar blog posts in the future, and your comment has confirmed this!

Anna said...

I totally agree with Bethany.
I love it when you write like this.
And your sparkly jeans bag .... wow!
And you told me you couldn't sew!
My my Kess,
four chapters of Job.
You deserve a medal for that alone!
Do you know I loved Susan Hills
Mrs De Winter?
Ok quiz time.
How many of the * Rebecca* movies or made for TV
adaptations have you seen?
Let's compare.
Are you SURE we aren't related?

Kess said...

Okay, confession to make. I haven't seen any adaptions of 'Rebecca' yet *hangs head in shame* I would love to see them though!

I don't think I'm great at sewing, but it is something I enjoy. I don't think the bag is at all well constructed! Lol.

I found Job uphill work the first couple of times I read it, but it's really grown on me.